Credits Listing?

Hi @Lesley and @ivan - I was just wondering if there had been any discussion that after the episodes premiere, or at the end of the season, there will be a searchable list at the Gizmoplex that lets backers who have a credit find which episode their name is in?

Thank you again for all your efforts- literally every day we’re reaping the rewards of your hard work! :slight_smile:


Working on something to that effect, yes! :slight_smile:


Your fingers must be on fire from that insanely fast response! :slight_smile:

Thank you again sir!


I was thinking about asking the same thing. Good to know it is being worked on.

Until then, watching that part of each episode’s credits verrrrrrryyyyyyy closely.

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:joy: with my finger on the pause button, ready at any moment.


That’s just @ivan ‘out of office’ auto response lol.


Well that’s good to hear! Still waiting to see my name in an episode!

I just cheated and checked out tonight’s episode in the G-Plex. It’s my night, baby!!

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I recently had a name change, my backer number is 8,000 something, and I was hoping I might be able to get my name changed on the credits if it’s not too late? (No worries if it IS too late). Or at least changed on the wall? Thank You - this would mean a lot to me!!!

Pls feel free to send me an IM of course. Thanks again.

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Please send an email explaining your situation to I don’t know if they can make the change at this point, but that’s the best way to find out.


Thank you! Does the same go for the wall in the gizmoplex?

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My guess is that the wall has a better chance of getting changed than the end credits, but someone on Ivan’s team would have the official answer on that. I would definitely make both requests in the same email.


Hi Ivan- dumb question, but I just can’t seem to find the answer.

Putting one’s name in the credits does not automatically mean that name is on the Gizmoplex wall, correct? I bought an extra credit name as an add on gift, but I don’t think that would be on the Gizmoplex wall.

Those are separate things, I think.

Thanks for your time and all you do my man- it’s very much appreciated!

Not a dumb question – but no, they were different rewards, and we let people request different names for each, so putting a name in the credits doesn’t automatically mean it will be on the wall as well.

Happy to help!


I thought so. :slight_smile: Thanks for such a fast reply- you’re a prince among men!

Have a great holiday weekend. I’ll be spending mine with “Munchie”…

Can anyone explain the credits that are read aloud during the events? Was it a tier or an add-on or what?

Yeah, that was a Kickstarter reward at the $500+ level.

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THANK YOU!! For some reason I absolutely could not find that!

Didn’t see this request anywhere else but I might have overlooked it. Is there any possibility to get a directory of what episodes backer’s names appear in? Or even to get episode numbers added to their plaque on the Wall of Thanks in the Backer Atrium?

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There’s a reply from Ivan in this thread:

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