Credits Listing?


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Maybe they can put the movie name on the Placard in the Gizmoplex.

From some lowdown throw-down poking back in April, the current plaques would need a redesign to accommodate – they currently hold three lines of stuff and character count matters; the size of the plaque (because there are two) also factors.

The next obstacle in line will be the backers listed in more than one season 13 episode. Someone’s bound to request that listings from seasons 11 and 12 make it in (seems outside the scope of the wall, which thanks the backers that built the Gizmoplex) and, again, some are listed in multiple episodes.

S’pose adding an additional field of text, small typeface, that references episodes by number would be one way to quickly add 'em to the existing plaques without too much hassle. It might pose an interesting puzzle to future Gizmoplex visitors, too (“what in tarnation are all these crag blasted numbers all o’er the place?!”). Another might be a !dressy, simple pop-up dialog that gets rastered to one side of the plaque (although I can see issues arising when someone gets rollover crazy with their mouse).


How will I know when my Back Credit will run; i.e. which episode?

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The first couple of posts above should help—Team Ivan is working on a way for everyone to know which episode their name is in.

Found mine on episode 4. (Why is my name always on the very cringe episodes?) (My credit was also on Season 11 Episode 11)

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Dang, I would’ve killed to get S11E11. I got S11E13, the horrible Christmas movie, which I’ve only watched twice because I find it so painful. Was very glad to see my name dead center on Munchie this season, which is horrible in a much more watchable way (and has the notoriety of being the movie many of the cast felt was particularly torturous for them). I’ll take it!