Criterion Riffs

I was perusing the Criterion Collection and noticed there are a few titles in there which have been riffed. Here’s the ones I uncovered.

  • Godzilla vs The Sea Monster (MST3K)
  • Godzilla vs Megalon (MST3K)
  • Carnival Of Souls (Rifftrax)
  • Charade (Rifftrax)
  • Genocide [aka War Of The Insects] (Cinematic Titanic)

Any others you can find? If you’re a collector of the unriffed versions of films, these are about the best editions you’ll find.


One of my personal favorites, Night of the Living Dead, got a Criterion Collection release and a RiffTrax treatment.


Sorely tempted by Carnival of Souls. That one has always freaked me out.


It’s effectively creepy sans riffs.


I didn’t know Charade had been done via Rifftrax. Makes sense due to its public domain issues, but I’d missed it.

It’s a favorite film of mine, which is perhaps a strange thing to sign up to have willingly mocked (acknowledging, of course, that the Star Wars films are old RiffTrax fodder). Has anyone seen it? Is it recommended?


Mike and Bridget did that one, and that added another layer of fun. If memory serves they mention that it’s a good movie.

I like the movie Charade as well - and thought the riffing was cute, not top tier, but cute.

Also - I’m okay with things I like being teased, not everyone does, so you have to factor in that for yourself.


You can’t currently buy them new, but if you include old Laserdisc releases (Wizard of Oz, Casablanca) or OOP editions (I don’t know how Armageddon wound up a Criterion release, but it did) that expands the list

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Amen. Similarly flummoxed by the inclusion of The Rock. I can tell Rifftrax would love to savage that one.


Casablanca is the only RiffTrax I ever had trouble watching because I keep finding myself tuning out the riffs to focus on the movie.


Riffing genuinely good movies seems counter to the philosophy to me, so I’ve not picked up any of the Rifftrax titles in that field (though if folks enjoy them, that’s fine too). I guess the exception would be good old horror movies like Night Of The Living Dead and Carnival Of Souls, because there’s something inherently riffable about old black-and-white horror films. They bring out the local horror host in one. :skull:


There’s some funny material in it, but yeah, I had the same problem. I even turned it off, watched the movie without riffing thinking that would help. But nope, a few minutes into it, and I’m once again sucked into the film and wanting to shush the riffers.

I could do Jaws and Wizard of Oz and other good flick riffs, but Casablanca was a struggle.