Crossword Puzzles and Such

We do the Sunday New York Times Acrostic (that thing where you fill in definitions and then put the letters into a quotation, working back and forth) and the Sunday New York Times Crossword every Sunday. (They both are reprinted in the Chattanooga Sunday newspaper, I believe a week after the appear in the New York Times.) We also but the collections of the New York Times Hardest Crosswords in book form. (I believe they reprint the Friday and Saturday puzzles in each volume. It seems that they start easy on Monday and get harder each day of the week, not counting the larger, themed Sunday puzzle.)

We’ve also read a couple of books about crosswords, and seen a documentary about competitive solvers. (Also one about professional Scrabble players, which is somewhat similar.)

We also sometimes get books of British style (cryptic) crosswords, which are fun. The very hardest cryptics are way above our level, of course.

Any crossword buffs out there?


I love crosswords, although I love acrostics more. My favorite type of pencil word puzzle is cryptograms.

I used to love Games Magazine and it’s still good now that they sort of merged it with Games World of Puzzles but it’s basically now the Pencilwise section is almost the entire magazine, so I don’t enjoy it as much anymore.

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Oh, I used to have a Games subscription back before they went bimonthly. Discovered it in fourth grade.


I know this belongs in the board games thread, but Games introduced me to my favorite board game of all time, Scotland Yard.

I’m also totally addicted to the anagram phone game Word Cookies. Much to my daughter’s amusement, it’s become the only phone game I ever seem to play. I do have a decent free crossword puzzle game on my phone too though.

Anyway, my favorite Games Magazine section will always be Dszquphsbnt.

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I wouldn’t call myself a crossword buff, but I have a Kindle Scribe (the big one that you write on) and I download the NYTimes puzzles to PDF and send them to the Scribe so I can do them there with a pen.
Only the Monday through Wednesday puzzles, though. I’m doing them for fun, not to get a headache.