Curiosity Shop

Hi Guys
does anybody remember a TV show from 1971 called Curiosity Shop?
it featured kids and an old house and puppets and cartoons (by Chuck Jones)
I ask because it the humor and puppets of MST reminds me of the short lived show.
would love to hear from anybody that saw it.
searched the internet and there is little to no video of it.


I do remember it!

Remember that episode where the host went crazy and killed all the kids and the station covered it up?*

Srsly, tho’, I don’t remember much about it, down to even how I saw it (since my dad eschewed TV) except wasn’t there a music sting? :notes: Who Where Which When Why What :notes:

It’d be years before I realized that “curiosity shop” was a literary trope going back centuries.

*No, don’t be silly.


No one does. They say the cover up is worse than the crime, but they only say that about unsuccessful cover ups.

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Saw it a time or two. For whatever reason we weren’t regular viewers. Maybe it had something to do with a competing show which we liked more.

I remember being jealous of another kid in school who had the tie-in lunchbox and Thermos. (I had “The Campus Queen” one. Which was… all right but nowhere near as cool.)