Customize our KingaChrome canister labels in our libraries?

This is probably a big request, but it’d be great to be able to add/modify/change the KingaChrome canister labels in our Library/Fridge…

I’d love to be able to take VHS tape label image (png file?), add my own text, in a preferred font, add my own details (“This is the one with the Gamera Song!”) then upload a label for each episode I’d like to customize?

For me, if I could, I’d use - VHS style (side view) for S0-S5, DVD/Blu-ray box/front for S6-10, current KingaChrome labels for S11-13?

If full customization isn’t possible, perhaps these types of options being available in a view options pull-down menu? Perhaps MSTies could submit their real VHS tape labels for some episodes to be used for some classic episodes?

Yes, yes, I know, I’m weird, we’ve already established and confirmed that many times over…


Speaking of customizing (and I LOVE the idea of personalized notes for the canisters, but I also wanna customize my cambot at some point down the line. Just meaning colors, patterns, etc. to make the shell look “mine”



@TheBindingPolymer edited this, and I need to make sure things are clear moving forward… because, I think I’m confused?

The original post was put specifically in The Gizmoplex-> Virtual Theater, because the feature request (I tagged the post as a feature request) described here is specifically for the Virtual Theater/Website, as opposed to the VHX apps?

I was under the impression that we were using “Gizmoplex” as a catch-all for all the incarnations of MST3K’s new home, VHX and Web, and that the “Virtual Theater” was specifically for the web site?

I put this specifically as a “Virtual Theater” feature request because, 1 - that’s where the KingaChrome Canisters are, and 2 - there’s bigger and more important fish to fry in the VHX apps… like a freakin list view of the seasons/episodes people own … grumble…

I mean, yes, more user customization in the VHX apps would be cool as well, but the basic features that are missing should be addressed first?

Or, is there just way too much blood in my caffeine stream again?

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