Dad (or Mom) Jokes

“Don’t take that. It’s nacho cheese.”
“Dinner tonight will be roast beast.”

What parental unit jokes have you been told or do you tell yourself to the youngsters?

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There’s no such things as dad jokes.

Why do Ghosts make a bad audience? Because they Boo everything!

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Ghost dads are the worst.

Bill Cosby Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

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I found this dad joke on TikTok. However, the joke didn’t make me laugh, but the laughing that came from the video did!


Very much MST3K related but this seems like the most appropriate thread:

I went around for a good week quoting “DEEP HURTING…DEEEP HURTING!”

My dad, who is very much not a MSTie and doesn’t even know the name of the show (he keeps calling it “2000 Theater”) overheard me, and randomly said:


I’m sure this joke’s been made before, but for a guy who doesn’t even know MST, I thought this was pretty clever on my dad’s part.

(To give you a good idea of his sense of humor, he also came up with better alternate lyrics for Triple H’s WWE theme song: “It’s all about the game, and how you play it / All about your name, and how you say it!”)

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