Dall-E: Fun with an AI!

“1950s Sci-Fi Movie Poster”

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Sometimes it looks like these deals are cheating. Instead of them coming up with a picture their artificial brains have entirely imagined, they seem to be cobbling together portions of existing pictures. Like when you ask for a particular person, it’ll give you a perfect picture of a body with a swirled up face as if it knows what a person is (so grab a random picture of a person) but not who the person is (so grab lots of random face pictures and hit frappe and slap that on). I want real creativity, dagnabit!


“1980s Action Movie Poster”

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I’m not sure why an AI would have so much trouble figuring out the proper proportions of faces and bodies.

Maybe it’s best used for Halloween purposes…

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Well, here is an article investigating how some of these networks arrange their neurons:

And here’s the tool they developed for the investigation:

Text-to-image is basically image-to-text run backwards: generate an image that scores high on the terms that appear in the text. The same training set can be used either way. As long as it generates a high-scoring result, that’s all it knows about how well it’s doing.

I’ve noticed some don’t take well to working at different sizes. It’s like they manage the basic resolution they were trained at, but then to go beyond that they have to overlap separate jobs and anything outside the overlap is forgotten. You get heads on top of heads because the top of the first head looked like a pair of shoulders to put another head on. In convolutional networks I expect that if the convolution radius is too small that would have a tendency to happen at smaller scales as well (since information can only propagate between neurons if there is a signal pathway between them).

Anyhow: funniez:

Adrien Brody playing Leon in Blade Runner

“Wake up: Time to die”

Adrien Brody playing Roy Batty in Blade Runner

Dolph Lundgren playing Rick Deckard in Blade Runner

Garry Oldman playing Pris in Blade Runner

Jennifer Connelly as the T1000 in Terminator II

Liberace as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho

Peewee Herman playing Rick Deckard in Blade Runner

Peewee Herman playing Roy Batty in Blade Runner


Dreamstudio Lite

“Tom Servo and Crow play dog and bear”



“Why Doesn’t Johnny Care? A Film by Bell Labs.”

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Time to mess around with Dall-E 2 some more! I think I’ll bring some riffs to life!

I love the direction this one took:


Is that the language of our future AI masters?


“This is where the fish lives”


I’m… pretty sure it thinks Elon Musk is part muskrat.


“What’s wrong with bootblacking? We like it very much!”



“You think I like being stuck in limbo with you? No! Get on your orange and yellow knees and kiss my clown feet that I haven’t killed you!”


Good old fashioned nightmare fuel.

Oh, hey!


Speaking of nightmare fuel…

“Bite me. It’s fun!”


“Push the button, Frank.”


“A water reclamation reservoir — of the dammed!”

“Well, we just spent the goofiest week of our lives.”

“It’s Moon. Everyone call me trash so I can see where you’d get the idea my name is Trash.”

“I don’t know how but I think I’ve just become sterile.”

“I was going to say maxipad, but sure: go with dog bone.”

“Oh, come on! One more sacrifice before we go, please?”

“This is back when NASA was just a car and a helicopter.”

“Was I just yelled at by a pork roast?”

“Guy spends a lot of time cutting out paper snowflakes.”

“Well, this just nipped my habit of watching movies with silver guys jumping out of trucks right in the bud.”

“It’s a plot point! It’s very flimsy, so be careful.”

“Our hands aren’t mechanical! We’re unionising!”

“Hey! Turn off the fat rotating guy!”

“Good God, I’m ugly. Scared my own children out of the nursery today.”

“I have two dollars to wrestle the Queen!”

“This is a very moist movie.”

“Douglas was pear-shaped, very short, and stood the whole way.”

“My name is Pleasance and I am funky.”

“There’s a darkness at the edge of Europe.”

Won’t he be surprised when he finds out it doesn’t go “pow” but SWISH!



What I wanted was Professor Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker appearing on an episode of Mythbusters. What I got was:

Adam and Jamie turned into Muppets.