Dating and Riffing

My late husband introduced me to MST3K very early in our relationship. We started dating in 1987 and used to watch it on SyFy. I remember picking up some of the classics at Blockbuster Video LOL! I lost him in 2019. I wish he was here to see the revival.


Hmm… I don’t think I’ve ever met someone because of the show, but there have definitely been a few relationships that basically started off as “MST3K and chill” before evolving into something more substantial (not that there’s anything wrong with keeping it casual).

One of the ways I endeared myself to my current partner of ten years was that I was able to get my hands on a copy of I Accuse My Parents on very short notice (good first impressions always help).


We didn’t meet over mst3k, we fell in love with each other and watched it (along with Law and Order). This summer I bought, painted, and assembled a 3D printed Tom Servo for his birthday. We have for years been collecting the DVDs, too, and quotes from our favorite episodes are the Darmok of our incredibly nerdy house. Well, since I make his lunch every day, I put a note in there to remind him he is loved. Last spring was my masterpiece (pictured below, sorry for the handwriting, but it was on a post-it note at 6am), though it is not by far the only MSTie reference I have made.



Riffer, I married her.

While we didn’t meet over the show, it was definitely one of the things we both loved before we met, and this past year we watched all 12 seasons in a row.


I dated a fellow MSTie fan not long after it appeared on Comedy Central. We’re friends to this day.


OOO, while that would probably end up being a great date, I’m pretty sure that my wife would disapprove of the idea.
But we discovered MST together (a loooong time ago) and both love and enjoy it to this day!


My wife is aware of MST3K. Not sure she has ever watched an episode. She doesn’t “get” it nor like it. Not sure how she feels about the kids showing an interest in the show as I have been buying DVDs and VHS tapes lately.

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I had a one time tinder date-turned-friend lie to me about being a fan of MST3K, followed me to the theater when I posted I was going to a rifftrax live show with my boyfriend, then when I saw him, he proclaimed how he was such a big fan of MST3K so we invited him to every live show we were going to in the future. When the anniversary event happened we all went together and he confessed he had never watched the show.


Man I always love these threads! So a few years ago I had a girl reach out to me on OkCupid and we found out we both not only loved MST3k and Rifftrax, but we both used to tape MST each week and would re-watch fave episodes A LOT.

And we’ve been married almost 2 years now and are getting ready to bring a new MSTie into the world.


Love GIF by Salih!


I’ve always introduced my romantic partners to MST, it’s never been a thing they knew about before, but on the whole it’s been a positive response.

Though I have taken a hard lesson about what to use as they’re introductory episode, as I showed one potential partner Manos as their first and that potential did not happen, though we are good platonic friends to this day.

(and if I may attempt to defend myself, we had been doing a horror RPG one-shot that I ran using Manos’ plot, and had wanted to show them afterwards what I had used as my inspiration.)


Newsgroups ftw! Met my wife in 98 when I saw her posts on
Our first ep together was Master Ninja Eye, but she liked season 8 better. :sweat_smile:


I fell in love with someone during a riff of Starcrash my summer camp did (CTY Carlisle). Wasn’t MST3K exactly, but it was a very memorable movie. The RA basically just complains about being forced to run the activity by his bosses (much like Joel) and kept pointing out to us why the movie is so bad. I’m not sure if it was inspired by MST3K, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was. We were of course ecstatic when the same movie was sent to torture Jonah in season 11 (if a bit disappointed our favorite lines were cut).


No, but I’d like to. Maybe I’ll get lucky and have that happen someday!


I was sorta into somebody and they had just moved into our shared house because they had nowhere else to stay, and the first night they brought home giant burritos and chocolate-coffee shakes and a bunch of MST3k Godzilla episodes as a thank-you/housewarming gift, and we ended up getting married. The marriage didn’t last but we’re still bestie-msties and went to the live premier for the first Kickstarter together. They managed to get me a suitcase full of VHS mst bootlegs for Christmas in 2001. Total bffs.


I met my husband through our mutual love of heavy metal, but the first time he came over my house (we lived 3 hours away from each other) he brought Rifftrax Star Wars Holiday Special. I had never really watched Rifftrax or MST3K until then, but we definitely bonded over it.


Sadly, my wife is not a fan. Tried having her watch the Jonah series on Netflix to introduce her, but she mostly watched / slept thru it because I liked it.

I also had to sit thru Gilmore Girls, so I think we are even.


My extremely patient wife enjoys MST3K in small doses, but she has on more than one occasion expressed gratitude that the show helps me decompress from work stress.

(she’s also thrilled that, now that I’ve given up pro football, it’s MST3K instead on Thanksgiving while I cook)


Did he eventually like it?

It was the main way I decided whether to KEEP dating someone…my (now) husband passed the test by also being a huge fan!