Death... und Taxes

All right, so we all know that the March 4th Launch is just a dry run for The Inevitable Lightening of Wallets Day, er Death und Tax-es, on April 15th. (which yes, is a Friday)

I’ll have my chess set, cloak, and raisin snail for my shoulder out along with my checkbook and Standard Book of Rants open to chapter 11.

I’m telling you, we don’t start to theme it up here we’re gonna be sorry for the missed oppotunites.

I realize that there’s no posted schedule yet, but by this time we’ll be a good 6 weeks into the swinging era, and wanted to remind folks that as things come online, there will be opportunities for group watch parties and associated well-mannered frivolity. (psst this to the left is the real reason for this post, wanted to remind folks of this as things come online soon)

We must use this knowledge for good (wink wink)

Raisin snail for my shoulder? Well, yeah… freaking good enough for Max von Sydow, man…


If you love Seventh Seal (and who doesn’t?), have you seen “Silent Strawberries” by his brother, Gummo Bergman? :wink:

But what does @DeathReviews have to say about this?

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What I always say - the only sure thing in life are taxes, and me!

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Since we found out that the next event is the 29th… what are we getting up to for D-u-T weekend?
Come on, with this group…