Demon Squad celebrity lookalike (here be spoilers)

Now is it just me or does this guy…

Kind of look like Malcolm McDowell?
Seems like a missed opportunity.

Ah well.

Also how about that Johnny Depp joke? That sure aged like fine wine! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Speaking of fine wine. What a great vintage!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Well, we had Robert Englund cameo as Freddy at the start.

Serious answer though, and this may be a bit of a stretch, but Erin Lilley/Daisy O’Reilly kinda reminded me of pro-wrestler Bayley somehow.


MST3K movies have been known for having some lazy monsters, but I think this one wins the top prize. This movie was made in 2019 which somehow makes this poor guy all the more pitiful.

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I mean…bulk him up a bit, tear apart the shirt, and add a few tentacles in the back and I could see him working in a Resident Evil game.

You could also light him on fire and his smouldering corpse would work in a Resident Evil game as well, a lot easier to work too might I add.

This is what Tony Stark would wear to a Halloween party where he didn’t want people to know he’s Tony Stark.

This is what oil companies imagine the Green New Deal would look like as a literal monster.

This looks like a guy whose lawsuit against the Hair Club for Men is a slam dunk.

So the copyright of this movie might be 2019, but the cell phones they use and that bottle of wine by the bed all scream “They shot most of the movie in 2007!”

Only Moon’s phone was an old cell. His partner had one of thise massivecover-half-your-facesmart phones in a heavy duty case.

I think, like many, many, many, things in this movie Nick Moon’s cell phone style is unexplained (that arm band weapon thing, his assistants eyes turning white whenever she touches someone etc.) My guess is that since his company is too cash poor to afford more than one business card he’s also got a broke-ass cellphone because he can’t afford a new one.

Another possibility is that it’s a burner phone, for reasons? Not sure why a demon hunter would need the same type of phone as your old high school pot dealer, but with this movie it makes about as much sense.

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Bingo! That was the best he could afford. A lot of unexplained stuff is due to the MST edit. The eyes turn white due to Daisy’s empathic gifts. Those were explained in three scenes (at least) that didnt make it. My favorite of those involved a troll madame. The gauntlet isn’t explained in detail, but, like the goggles and dust, is just one of the gadgets Moon has come up with over the years.


I kind of figured that there were a bunch of scenes that were cut for run time. Although that’s sort of been an MST3K staple for pacing and time, the cuts haven’t been this jarring since the early seasons of the show. Demon Squad and Dr. Mordred both had scenes cut that were imortant for the plot to make sense.

At any rate, I recognize these plot holes as stuff that was cut and not something the producers of the filn left out.

I am sure there are logistical reasons: Not enough riffable material, salty content outside of the family friendly tone of MST3K, and runtime all play a role in what gets cut.

Still, it’s kind of a shame. I’m genuinely curious what those scenes were.

I feel like the cuts could have been coordinated a little better for the sake of the plot to the film. I could be wrong, but it seemed a lot tighter in the post-Joel episodes of the original run.

Still, I can cut them some slack on this Joel and his vision have been back only for a few years after a long hiatus, I figure they’ll re-learn those skills in time.

That said, Demon Squad isn’t necessarily a bad movie either way. I’ve seen a lot of small budget movies like this that are way, way, more flawed. DS looks like it was a film everyobe enjoyed making and didn’t take itself too seriously. It kind of knows its limitations and does a decent job telling a coheirent story that is kind of fun in spite of the cut scenes.

It’s self aware without being on the nose about it and that’s nice to see. A lot of movies in the budget film genre either take themselves too seriously or ham it up too much. This movie is one that is comfortable with itself.

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Thank you so much!! We had a lot of fun making it, and are just happy that people are enjoying it in some capacity or other. :wink: There are a few youtube postings of the movie (turn up your volume!), and it’s free on Tubi, Roku, and a few other platforms if you would like to see the whole thing. We know it’s far from perfect, but we like to think we learned from it, and hope to improve with each project.