Denver Tickets On Sale NOW

Hey All,

Just saw that Denver has a tour in Denver (Jan 10 at 800pm) and the kickstarter tickets are on sale today!

Good luck!

What pledge level gets the pre-sale code? I can’t seem to find it anywhere!

That I am not sure about. I was at the 250 level. I bet @ivan would have a better idea. Sorry thats not more helpful. I know they talked about the presale code in a few of the updates on the kickstarter site.

If you login to kickstarter this post has the code

I just saw the email from Paramount! Excited! We should definitely meet up before the show!

Did you find it Ian?

I did! Orchestra Center, Row Q!


Hey all, I JUST heard about this yesterday so it didn’t make it into last Friday’s update. I’m a little irked by this too, and I’m sorry for the lack of notice. Also yes, check that prior backer update to get the presale code.


Well I can’t get ticketmaster’s site to even load. Tried two different browsers (Chrome and even held my nose and tried Edge), got the same “pardon the interruption” error about JaveScript not running.

I might get tickets. Eventually. Someday.

Did the VIPs already sell out?