Desperately Seeking Kinga....

…Caught Munchie last night, and have come to the conclusion that this flick wasn’t so much released as escaped.

But anyways - at the beginning of the ep, there was an old-fashioned TV test pattern (in glorious pink, by the by) of Kinga. My wife absolutely adored that, and I’m trying to find a screenshot or pic of it. Can anyone help out? Thanks in advance!


Here’s the Technical Difficulties version from S11—I haven’t grabbed a new one yet, but maybe this will work?


…It’s a very appreciated start! If the other one doesn’t come up, I can work with this - thank you very much!

It starts with a pixelly fading in text on the left, “Start // Surveillance Transmission, Pesky Critters Month // Munchie”, then fade-in duplicate text on the right. Here’s with just the left (easier clean-up, if that’s your intention).

Edit: Sigh. Discourse schmozzled the above. Here’s a direct link from my G Drive (Kinga_PreMunchie_TestPattern.png, 18.7MB)


…PERFECT! May bots Riff you to your reward! :smiley:


NOW you’re into the groove.