Despite a six-month pass I have to pay for each show?

I backed the Kickstarter at the $50 level, which comes with a six-month pass to the Gizmoplex which I assumed meant I could watch content on it. I downloaded the app today for the first time to watch the Hobgoblins event and catch up on past episodes that I’ve been emailed about this week, but I’m being asked to purchase a ticket for each show for an additional cost.

I’ve skimmed back through previous Kickstarter emails and haven’t found anything that indicates the Gizmoplex app would be a separate cost from the shows themselves, so I’m lost. Is the six-month pass that I pledged for just to be able to pay extra for the shows? Or should I also be able to watch the content for the next six months? Thanks for any insight!

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To clarify, I did create an account from an email I received about my pledge and I’ve logged into that account on the Gizmoplex app.

Did you redeem the code for your member pass? Try checking the backerkit page, scroll down to make sure you haven’t missed anything:


Look for emails from backerkit. You should have something that gives you links to activate your pass.

If you’re not able to find it or have trouble, email for support.


Yep! That’s how I created my Gizmoplex account and activated it. I’m watching on an AppleTV, in case there’s maybe a bug where backer rewards aren’t recognized on that device?

Can you try using a regular computer and web browser? That could give an answer regarding if there’s a problem with your account or it’s just with AppleTV.

If you’ve redeemed your codes, logged into the app with your account… then I dunno. I’d say try the other suggestions: see if it works on a different device to see if the device is the problem, and email for support.

And just to be clear: Yeah, if you got a pass, then you should have access to episodes, you shouldn’t have to purchase them.

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I think you need to look in the “Library” tab and check the “Purchased” part. There should be a 6-month pass there that has the access you need.


This is the way. There’s a difference between what you see on the front page of the app and what you have access to in the Library section. I know it’s a bit confusing at first, but once you know where to look, you should be able to find it


In the Apple TV app, swipe up on your remote and you should be presented with an option to switch to your Library. In there you should see your “Purchased” items, which include the new episodes released so far. You’ll be able to watch recordings of the livestreams where they premiered, or just versions of the episodes & shorts in standalone form.

The “Explore” tab, which is where you start when you open the app, is more like a storefront, where you can purchase additional content, which in turn will be added to your Library upon purchase. Hope this helps.