Did I miss the "..." in the bot greeting?

At the end of the introductory greeting message it says to click “…” and click a bookmark symbol to favorite the greeting message.
I see no “…” nor any bookmark image.


For me, I had to click on “Topic Controls” in the lower left corner on mobile then select bookmark.


Yeah. This doesn’t seem to be available on the mobile web version, nor the discourse app. I will look for Topic Controls.

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The “topic controls” solved that one for me, but now I’m stuck on the “quote” part of the tutorial. I’m following the directions, selecting a passage in the gray area and the “quote” button appears and I select it, and it auto fills the reply, but I get a little red pop up bar that says the message can’t be empty. I’ve tried copy/pasting the text too (I’m on mobile) and the bot says I clearly don’t know what I’m doing, try again. Any tips?

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You have to quote and add some additional text, I believe.


@Ansible that was it! Thanks!

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Add some words behind it. That’s how I got it to work.

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