Different versions of the bots

Obviously related to who voices a bot, I was thinking how each bot has changed over time, and came up with a mini"timeline" of sorts.

v1 -Robotic (when the puppet was first picked up Trace seemed to be aping the robot from lost in space)
v2- Baby (The KTMA/Comedy Channel days he was very young acting)
v3- Awkward (this was his longest version during the CC years)
v4- Pure energy/Alone (the lore stuff at the end of CC/start of the SciFi–not onscreen really)
v5- Stroke (When Bill was learning to puppet)
v6- Cranky (Bill let’s his New Yorker out)
v7- Flakey (Crow starts randomly dressing up as characters from whatever movie their watching)
v8- Neurotic (Hampton’s Crow, more prone to panic)
v9- Silly (Beagle’s Crow)
v10- Chaotic (Kelsey’s Crow. pure and wild!)

v1- Beep (no voice, just beep)
v2- Mighty (D J (Elvis) voice of KTMA)
v3- Worldly (Comedy Channel Josh’s last take/Kevin’s early take)
v4- Melodic (the longest term, would sing beautifully at the drop of a hat)
v5- Pure energy (it’s just a show)
v6- Nerdy (he of the underwear collection)
v7- Frank (Trivia: Frank ran Servo once)
v8- Self-Assured (Baron’s Tom really has some confidence there)
v9- Sweet (Tim’s Tom in the shows)
v10- Adorb (Conner’s Servo is prone to going to the cute)

I think I got them all? (purposely omitting any failed website revivals)


As good a place as any to proclaim some head-canon regarding the nature of the Bots. Remember how in The Black Hole Yvette Mimieux’s character had some sort of telepathic link with the robot voiced by Roddy McDowall? Yeah, I don’t get it either, but let’s roll with it. I propose that Joel had installed similar telepathic connection circuits in the Bots. This way, Joel is able to impart a wealth of pop culture information without having to go through the tedious process of manually programming it. However, the Bots don’t always have a full understanding of the context, hence the occasional parent/child discussions. This would also explain why the Bots of the original series have a pop culture base of someone who grew up during the Sixties and Seventies, while the Bots of the new series have a pop culture base of someone who grew up during the Eighties and Nineties

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