Digital Episode Reward Question

I did level 150 which includes 5 Classic Episodes (+5 bonus ones). During the survey, I am offered an option to upgrade to the Deluxe version (10+10 bonus) for $30. It tells me to do this upgrade in the question and then remove the add-on later.
Here is the question:

Leaving it like this, I show this later:

If I do the upgrade though, I get this:

In both scenarios, this is the add-on section that I can’t modify:

Did I already pay more? It looks like I paid $55 for what is now being offered for $30.


Those are two different things.

The Brought Back pack was offered during the original KS and listed as an add on in this one if you didn’t get them before.

The Made More pack was offered with this KS (and that’s the one that was 10 episodes, but was bumped to twenty for meeting a stretch goal)

Also I think there was some confusion during the KS itself as to the add on pack vs the $150 pledge level pack and what you were getting.

The episodes in the Brought Back and Made More groups are completely different, so you aren’t duplicating episodes.

Did that help, or did I confuse you more?

PS this is why I didn’t touch anything when filling out my survey, I was afraid I’d mess something up! :smiley:


That’s why I screenshot the $15 Brought Back Deluxe add-on too.

The $55 one says Made More Deluxe which is what the $150 level item changes to when I select the $30 upgrade in the beginning questions.

So if I upgrade for $30, it looks like I’m getting the same thing that was $55 originally and I can’t remove it from the add-on section like it suggests.


Yeah, there was something about an add-on for the $150 pledge to make sure you got all the episodes from the stretch goal. But I probably remembering that wrong and I think I’m making the problem worse not better.

@ivan will know. @ivan knows everything.


$55 Reward as explained in my pledge in Kickstarter:

So I guess I’m just wondering why it’s locked. I’d love to use that extra $25 towards another shirt.


I tried to get the $30 package as well when it asked me but it didn’t update it at the end. Oh well, not like i’m going to go crazy renting/buying classic MST3K episodes at the Gizmoplex!


It’s locked due to a glitch in backerkit. Should be unlocked by end of tomorrow, and if you email us before then about it, we’ll fix it for you.


So it is the same then - the $30 and $55 items I showed above?

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I was confused by this too. If I make the suggested switch am I getting the exact same thing for $25 less? I don’t want to save money if it means I won’t get all the episodes I would for $55 (I got the all digital package, if it makes a difference).

I don’t understand why this switch is recommended.

Apologies that this ended up being so confusing. Here’s the deal.

There are two versions of the Classic Episode pack:

  • The BACKER version, with 10 episodes
  • The DELUXE version, with 20 episodes

The BACKER version was included with Experiment 150. The DELUXE version was included at Experiment 250 and up.

There were two Add-On Rewards available:

  • A $55 Add-On that anyone could get, which would get you the DELUXE version, with all 20 episodes

  • A $30 Add-On, which gets you the BASIC package if you’re not already getting it, or can be used to upgrade to the DELUXE package if you’re ALREADY getting the BASIC package as part of Experiment 150.

So, in this case, if you’re at Experiment 150, you can upgrade and get the other 10 episodes for $30 more – you never needed the $55 version, unless you were below Experiment 150 and wanted all 20 episodes.

Which means, if you’re at Experiment 150 and got the $55 “Deluxe package” add-on, you can now get $25 of that back to use for other add-on rewards instead!


Thanks! But I am still confused. I got the all digital package which may not include everything in the $150 level but I still got the prompt to exchange the $55 upgrade to the $30 upgrade.

Still not clear on if I will get the same episodes if I swap out the $55 add-on for the $30 add-on.

@METALUNA , send me an email at so I can check for you. There were a couple weird details around Experiment 85, but we’ll make sure we get you sorted out.


You rocked that response. Thanks for the clarity!