Disney's Gargoyles- New Comic Coming Later This Year!

Of all the news to come out of Comic-Con this year, this is perhaps my favorite. Dynamite Entertainment has announced that they have obtained the license to make new Gargoyles comics, and will be teaming with show creator Greg Weisman to bring new stories, expected to start coming out 4th quarter 2022.

Gargoyles was one of my favorite TV shows, and the comics penned by Weisman published by SLG were terrific, so I am very excited about this.


The cartoon was voiced by a chunk of the Star Trek: TNG cast. After hearing them I wondered why they don’t do more VO work, they were pretty darned good voice talent.


Oo this is good news!

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JALAPANIA! The absolute best cartoon from the 90s that featured the voices from the best live-action show from the (mostly) 90s! Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy /bouncingsqueel


I had easily recognized the main cast’s TNG voices as a kid, but it wasn’t until I re-watched these as an adult that I finally realized Brent Spiner was Puck. Data’s attempts at classical acting were always some of my favorite scenes in TNG, so finding out that he was Puck made me pretty giddy.

Also, among the other HUGE top-notch voice actors for the show, let us not to slight perhaps the world’s best villainous voice actor: TIM CURRY! I’m convinced there has never been a better cast of A-list voice actors for a “kid” show until Adventure Time magically conjured itself into existence.


Always a great voice actor… although his Palpatine left something to be desired.

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Well, Michael Dorn has done quite a bit of voice work, and Brent Spiner and Marina Sirtis have shown up on almost every project Weisman has worked on since Gargoyles.


I was very happy to finally peg Spiner as the voice of Purple Man in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heros. He has such a great voice for VO work. It is very distinctive.

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It’s easy to focus on the TNG cast, but Gargoyles had a ton of fantastic voice talent. From the leads Keith David and Salli Richardson, to veteran voice actors like Jeff Bennett and Kath Soucie, to legends like John Rhys-Davies, Ed Asner, and David Warner, and so many more.

One of my favorites has to be Tom Wilson as Matt Bluestone. Wilson has done quite a bit of voice acting before and after, but most of his characters, whether by accident or design, all come off seeming like Biff Tannen variants. Burly guys, not too bright, etc.

But Matt? Matt was intelligent, driven, and a little mysterious, and Wilson nailed it. Revelations is one of my favorite episodes for that among many other reasons.