disrupted unread and new statuses

This morning, the little blue dots haven’t going away in the usual fashion. Normally, after you read something, it stops being called unread. But, right now, I have to come back later on and read the same new posts and new threads again for them to stop being considered as new or unread.

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I noticed that you have to click the topic twice now before the number dot goes away.

Oh good, it’s not just me.

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White Dot is coordinating them all, not unlike the alien mothership in Independence Day.

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Just wait til the 7-Up Spots show up. Then we’re really gonna raise the roof. White Dot, blue dots, 7-Up Spots… and a big ol’ game of Twister. Just hoping no one invited the tiddly winks over. You all remember last time…

(read time/new/unread seems to have resolved…?)

Or the purple dots. Not enough parking for that.

(i haven’t noticed the problem lately…!)

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