Do backers own the new episodes?

I realize that the new episodes are going to be released every couple of weeks over the next year. I have my 12 month event pass so I will be able to watch them all. But I’m wondering if next year will I own those episodes or will I have to buy another 12-month pass to keep watching them? For example I own a bunch of older mst3k episodes on VHX so I know I will always have access to those, I just don’t know if I’ll have access to the new episodes as well without buying a new pass. And for what it’s worth I will totally buy a new pass if I have to. :v::heart::film_projector::artificial_satellite::robot::new_moon:

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No. You will only be able to download them if your backer purchase allowed for it. (Experiment 100 and above and Experiment 85 I believe)