Do copies exist of Riders of the Storm?

Isn’t Riders of the Storm an inspiration for MST3K? I feel like it’s gotten mentioned like Silent Running for being an inspiration to Mystery Science Thea†er. Seems to be a forgotten film about time travel and 80s politics. Starring Dennis Hopper!

It’s also called The American Way.

Have you guys seen this? Is there a brick and mortar shop on a college campus near you renting grey market VHS tapes (as described by Tom Scharpling in his new memoir It Never Ends) that would have Riders of the Storm? Who retitled it The American Way?

It was distributed by Miramax. Copyright search results are confusing.

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It’s on you tube.

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Pretty nice!

I’d never even heard of this movie, but if it’s got Dennis Hopper in it, I must see it!