Do. Not. Do. This!!!!! (They won't let me do ALL CAPS)

Some dude showed up at both Mary Jo’s and Beez’s HOMES begging for autographs.

Do we have to tell you not to do this? I guess we have to tell SOME PEOPLE not to do this!

I am beyond angry on their behalf. This is not a thing that is acceptable to do.



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Yeah. o_0

(I mean, what the hell…?)


What the actual hell? I got a cold pit in my stomach reading that.

That’s seriously messed-up, wrong, and unacceptable. Freaking hell, I’m sorry that Mary Jo and Beez went through anything of the sort.


Man, how do they even know where they live? I mean, I assume Wisconsin… or Minnesota, but beyond that, I have no idea and I’ve never tried to find out.

Home is supposed to be a sanctuary, no matter who you are.


Mary Jo asked him that, and he said ‘his friend Mike’ told him.

But even so - that’s just totally unacceptable.


I have no idea where any of the MST verse live, but wish they knew where I live. That’s the best arrangement.
I’m guessing this guy went nuts after a year without cons.




Ho. Ly. Crap. Do not do this. Ever. Cripes.


Everyone has a right to a private life, including celebrities. Just leave them alone people. Wait for a sanctioned event where meeting them is part of it. If you are such a huge fan surely respect is part of that.


It floors me how many so-called ‘fans’ don’t respect the people they supposedly admire. Even at cons there is a protocol, things you do, and things you definitely don’t do (like handing your favorite actor the smutty fanfic you wrote about them and a co-star :roll_eyes:)

But banging on someone’s door? Oh, hell no. Knowing Mary Jo and Beez, I assume they tried to be polite, but I would have called the police.


I probably did my share of awkward, weird stuff talking to my faves at conventions. But at least I can console myself knowing that I never tried to follow any of them home. :confused:


The most famous person I’ve ever met was the local weatherman who would go to elementary schools in the area and do presentations. So I can say, without reservation, that I’ve never met anyone and I’ve never embarrassed myself or them because of it. :slight_smile:

I can’t even fathom following someone to their home and even less can I understand feeling that one has the right to accost someone just because they happen to be well-known.


The ones that claim with a straight face that “it’s the cost of being famous” or “they are celebs, it’s part of the deal” just … gobsmacked.

John Lennon
Rebecca Shaeffer
Gianni Versace

all killed by “fans”


There’s one member of a YT channel I watch whose home was invaded by some armed nutjob in love with his (also famous) girlfriend. It could have easily gone absolutely terribly but they hid in the closet and the guy took off before police arrived (but was caught, thankfully).


Oh. My. God.

You know, it’s bad enough that a so-called fan invaded the homes of two of our beloved MST3K cast/crew. What makes it doubly bad for me is that both were women.

I’m going to get on my soapbox for a minute because this is such an important topic to me as a woman myself; the amount of daily fear that has become utterly normalized for women in general is NOT okay and we as a race need to do better. On almost a daily basis I have to consider whether an action I am taking or plan to take will result in potential bodily harm; something as simple as walking into work when it is still dark out and there’s plenty of foliage around to hide someone can be nerve-wracking (I work on a secured facility currently, but even with that it’s still something that crosses my mind on occasion as I’m walking into the building early morning in the dark). And that doesn’t even touch on the fact that I live alone, currently, and every time I have to have someone come out to service something in my home the potential for possible bodily harm crosses my mind… and that’s my HOME, my sanctuary. You hear so many horror stories about women being assaulted or sexually harassed by service workers who’ve come to their homes for perfectly legitimate reasons, and it SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING. Period. The fact that women have to unconsciously consider that sort of thing at their home is beyond the pale.

This situation is even worse in a way, because neither Mary Jo nor Beez ASKED for this person to come to their homes. I am more than certain that both of them, whether consciously or not, believed they could possibly come to harm in some way if they did something to set this clearly deranged person off. I hope they’re doing okay. And I’m off my soapbox now.


That would terrify me and I would spend the next week scouring the Internet looking for my address.


I might move if this happened to me. I don’t know if I’d ever feel safe there again.


No. Bad. Wrong. Don’t. No. Sit.


Yeah, don’t do that