Do you find yourself telling people about riffed movies and feel the need to lie about why you saw them?

I will admit it, I am self-loathing geek. I don’t like to advertise things like my affection for a 90s Elvira show with puppets. So when Beginning of the End or Rocketship X-M comes up in conversation with mundanes, I kinda two-step. I don’t want to lie or mislead, I just don’t bother doing a good job of addressing the question. I’m not really proud of that, but I’m owning it.

Do you obfuscate when discussing cheesy movies, or do you fly your freak flag high? How do you do that (whatever it is). Share and enjoy!

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Fly that freak flag right into low Earth orbit!


I mean… sure, rattling off obscure MST3K quoteables at randos and thinkin’ everyone is in on the deal and will think it’s funny is doomed from the onset. But people love what they love, and that shouldn’t be hidden or pushed into the bushes or whatever.

If someone said they were passionate about underwater basket weaving, rock on! Some at the table might not be, but some others probably are in some measure. It doesn’t diminish what the basket weaving means to, well, anyone. Who knows? Maybe someone else at that table is just as into it, and the realization that there’s a like mind in proximity opens things up and there’s a moment.

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Oh, no. I definitely admit why I’ve seen them. I imagine myself to be something of a, like, bad movie archeologist working for some sort of collective of knowledge-seekers lead by the misties.


Well, of course, a lot of us some of us I saw a lot of the movies unriffed before MST3K and have watched many films MST3K would probably consider unriffable.

But I don’t think people regard it as more strange than any other niche film—like, I’m a big fan of the Israeli Film Festival, love Korean movies, adore silent movies, always on the lookout for horror festivals…

If they give me any guff, I give 'em the Mitchell treatment.

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My family has been very dismissive of my enjoyment of MST3K, so I don’t tend to talk about it much in person. When I mention the cheesy movies I’ve seen, I don’t tend to explain why I’ve seen them.

But online I’m happy to talk about it. :slight_smile:


Anyone with taste will appreciate that you saw them on MST3K :face_with_monocle: