Doctor Who Reboot Movie Fan Cast

I’ve been debating who would be a top pick for a potential Doctor Who big-budget movie. Just for clarification, this would NOT replace the main show. It would be a separate timeline. Preferably one that isn’t as awful as the Peter Cushing versions. Who would you pick to wield the sonic screwdriver? I’ll go first.

If I had a #1 pick, it would be Idris Elba. The man commands the room in roles like Pacific Rim and The Suicide Squad. He’s been a long-time fan pick by many Whovians. He deserves a win like this, IMO.

I’d count Nicholas Hoult as my #2 choice. I adored him in movies like Renfield, Mad Max: Fury Road, and The Menu. He has a charm to him that wins me over.

I had to make her my 3rd option. I adore her as Amy Pond alongside the 11th Doctor. She’s earned her stripes in the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy. I feel she’s ready to graduate to pilot the TARDIS. Also, this would be the first ginger Doctor.

If two actors deserve redemption in Hollywood, one is Daisy Ridley. After the disaster that was The Rise of Skywalker, I would call her up.

The other Rise of Skywalker actor who got hosed. If you’ve seen him in Attack The Block and The Woman King, he’s got the acting chops.

As for honorable mentions…

I would call this the safe bet. Although, if I had to think about it, he could play The Master. Maybe Davros if he’s willing to be in the make-up.

One of my odd picks. Djimon has been pining for a hero role like this. He’s been toiling in Hollywood for too long.


Karen Gillan has my vote…


The Doctor Ginger GIF by Doctor Who

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Richard Ayoade

Olivia Coleman

And if they ever do a multiverse adventure and they introduce the “American” Doctor.


Sandi Toksvig and Susan Calman joked that they would make a perfect Doctor and companion because they’re both such wee things that both of them fitting in the TARDIS would be very believable.


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I know it was originally intended as a joke, but…

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Seriously, though, I’d watch the hell out of Michael Sheen going full welsh on a Dalek!!

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