Doctor Who season 14

Here’s the first full trailer!

Some familiar faces, blah, blah, blah. BUT -!

Is this the return of one of the Doctor’s evilest villains? Beep the Meep?!

(Sure looks like it with those Wrarth Warriors around.)


I just finished first timing new Doctor Who earlier this year, whith hopes of watching as much as I can of classic Who before the next special drops in November. Really looking forward to this.

Also demands to be said: Clara is my spirit animal.

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If they bring my favorite companion back, just to kill her, tables WILL BE FLIPPED!

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I hope Davies has something more creative for Donna in mind, as he’s had over a decade to come up with something. To bring her back just to see her brain explode would be anti-climatic. Let Doctor Donna have a shining ending!

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I don’t think RTD will bring back Donna just to kill her. She obviously has a life of her own now, a husband, and a daughter. We’re playing with the conceit that this is the Fourteenth Doctor, so it technically is a different man, that’s going to play a major part in the character arc, I think.

I’ll spoiler this just in case folks don’t want to see the speculation …

My money is on the Doctor using the memories locked in Donna’s mind to help him figure out the whole “Who am I?” question we see in the trailer. Donna learns the truth because she is conscious of what the Doctor is doing, but because he is removing that part of himself from her, she doesn’t die. She gets her happy ending of remembering her travels with the Doctor and can return to her life as a whole person.

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Unfortunately the classic episode you (and all of us) should see, The Celestial Toymaker" is one of the lost ones.

Good luck binging the classic who. I watched one story a week with my kids (when a new episode wasn’t airing), and it took about 5 years to get through.

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I watched the first season about a year ago, as I was watching concurrent with the newer series. I put it on the backburner because I wanted to have the newer shows caught up with by the time Jodie Whitaker regenerated. So I have that much done, at least. Lol

So it looks like Doctor Who will premiere on Disney+ next year. Looks like it’s off HBO Max then? Will it be on Disney the same time as the BBC showings?


When Doctor Who becomes all about the past, it’s time to let it rest again.

The 60th coincides with US Thanksgiving this year, I’m not sure they’d get the US audience watching in the numbers they’d want releasing on the day.

I don’t know, it would make one hell of an ending. Regenerating into Ncuti Gatwa because he was too close to Donna’s exploding head.

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Correct, DW is no longer on HBO or BBC America. D+ is now the international outlet for the show.

No announcements have been made as to when Disney will air an episode, before or after the Beeb. Disney usually drops their content at midnight GMT, so technically that would mean international audiences would see an episode before the Beeb airs it. It’s possible that the agreement was GMT the day after the Beeb, but like I said no one has come out with that info yet.

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It wouldn’t be the first time that our hearts were ripped out, by the death of a companion/key player.
Nor, would it be the last.
BUT, with that being said, Catherine Tate, being Catherine Tate, might have a few words to say about them icing Donna.
And, I do not believe that they would be polite words.

Did anyone really cry when Adric died? LOL!

No, but it did sting.
A lot of us* ‘were’ Adric, growing up.

*And by ‘us’, I mean ‘I’. But, most people have figured that out, about me, by now.


I sure hope they release them very soon after they air in the UK, because watching the Christmas Special on the 26th would be very disappointing.

Oh, I’m certain it will be around the same time, the problem is international time zones. If the episode airs on BBC1 at 7pm UK time, but was released on D+ internationally at 12:01 am the same day, I can see British fans kicking up a major fuss. (Good grief they were ready to start a new war when The Five Doctors aired at a con in the States a few days before it aired in the UK. LOL!)

So if, say, the next Christmas special dropped at 12:01am GMT on Dec 26, that is still evening in the US on the 25th. Not too bad. The Aussies would have the most to complain about as that would be almost Dec 27 for them.

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