Doctor Who Series 13

Tonight marks the third episode of the new series of Doctor Who. As a person who didn’t really care for the writing in the last two series, I have been pleasantly surprised to see “Flux,” has actually been pretty good! How about you all? Are you enjoying Flux so far, or are you counting the days for the return of Russell T. Davies?


Yes, definitely enjoying it so far. I didn’t dislike the last two series as much as others, but I feel like this series has made me feel a bit like “Oh, I can see people’s frustrations, it could’ve been THIS good all along!” Dan sneaking about Liverpool docks with a wok was a delight.

I thought it was great to see Jodie Whitaker be sooo good in the last episode too - I like that they let her get on with doing core Doctor things; save the world, meet a figure from history, be clever.

And the over-arching villains are genuinely scary, and mysterious.


I like the Doctor to be a bit scary at times. I love that about how they are portraying her in this series. She’s more crafty and less like a kids show presenter. We’re finally getting her how I’ve wanted to see her.

And yes, Dan is a delight. I really like John Bishop in the role. He reminds me a bit of Jamie from the Second Doctor era.

And yeah, the Ravagers are pretty interesting so far!


I’ve been a more recent convert to Whovian-ism. I started watching when my son was born, staying up late when he wouldn’t sleep. I have only watched the newer version all the way through, I’ve watched bits and pieces of the classic series, and enjoyed them as well.

I like Jody as the Doctor, and I genuinely enjoyed all of her adventures so far!

This season is full of timey-wimey nonsense to this point, and I LOVE IT!

(And Dan lives down the street from Anfield!!!)


You should definitely watch more of the classic series. I love all of the Doctors in their own way. Each era has something to offer IMO. I think you’ll have the same reaction. It’s kinda fun to watch Dan in Liverpool. I have been to the quayside he was on and it was cool to see on tv.


Oh damn I have yet to catch any of the new season yet. I’ve heard excellent things but the last couple of weeks since halloween have been too busy to catch up.

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They’ve been refreshingly good!

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Oh excellent, that being said, I didn’t dislike the last two seasons at all… I thought the companions were all a bit dull and Jodie’s Doctor is more than a bit too “nice” so I’m looking forward to seeing more of the edge brought out of her as has been described.

I’m enjoying it more than I have for a while, but The Doctor is still a bit gormless, never seeming to know what to do, and I’m truly sick of “THE UNIVERSE IS ENDING” stories in Doctor Who.

I’m not sure how to feel about Russell T. Davies returning, I understand why he got the role again, the HBO deal and his access to the Hollywood system, but I don’t think he was doing good Doctor Who by the end of his previous run.

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I dunno, Donna was a really good companion. I miss his character-based writing. I don’t miss his Doctor as Christ storylines. But I am curious to see how he approaches the show after having been gone for a while. I think about the things I wish I would have done differently in art school, so he’s probably had similar thoughts. Things he would have done differently or things he would have avoided.

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I’m so glad to see someone else compare Dan to Jamie! The Second Doctor era is my favorite, and Jamie is one of my favorite companions. Dan’s overall vibes and his puns/playing on words gave me instant Jamie feelings. It really makes me want to see more of how he plays off of Thirteen. I don’t expect Dan and Thirteen to have a Two and Jamie relationship, but it would be fun to see some banter and shenanigans.

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100%! I was less enthused by episode 3, but 4 is looking like a fun one!

Finally started catching up with the new series last night. Pretty sure Dan is the first Liverpudlian companion… If I recall Ben was from Manchester though that’s pretty close.

Thoroughly enjoyed Series 13/Flux, wonderful set of episodes. Dan is a fantastic companion. The Sontarans were pitch-perfect, and included the best traits of all previous iterations combined. Great terifying use of the Angels. Gorgeous design work throughout, including Swarm. Karvanista was fun, as was Jericho. Kate getting some time to shine was welcomed. Vinder & Bel could’ve used some more story integration, they felt a little too seperate from the main action for most of the arc, but they were fun characters.
The story felt a little rushed at the end, but I wasn’t too worried about that sicne I always treat the following special as the real end to a series arc, since loose ends usually get tied up in those.
Speaking of which, I enjoyed the following special, Eve of the Daleks, a lot, maybe even moreso. This 13th series has been a good example of quality-over-quantity so far.
I eagerly look forward to the next two specials and onwards.

I’d like to remark that those overly vocal types, the ones who’ve complained of a lack of character developement in recent seasons, are instantly admitting that they haven’t actually watched any of the episodes, or are unaware of (or don’t care to observe or accept) the obvious 13/Yaz romance being built up since “Arachnids in the UK”, or the Graham & Ryan familial acceptance arc. There’s a lot of pointedly eccentric and alien attributes built into the 13th Doctor’s characterization, very much like 4, 6 & 7, her reactions are always coming from a mindset with a noticeably different set of priorities, which is always nice to see emphasized, with a lot more internalization this time, the latter of which has reached it’s peak in the Series 13+special arc.
It’s always worth remembering that The Doctor is both an alien and one of a few complete outcasts in their species, which makes their characterization malleable betwen human and alien piorities and reactions, but never truly stuck to one or the other, no matter how humans or timelords are written in a given episode.

The last few seasons were a neat mix of Lambert, Letts, Cartmel & Holmes continuity brought into a modern framework, shakey at times, but overal solid in intention. It’s been referential in atmosphere more often than not, rather than constantly pointing out references directly, or giving every character a one-line definer that gets repeated in lieu of exploring them, like in continuity 15; I’ve very much enjoyed this 16th continuity.
It’ll likely be another tearful parting after the next two specials air, as is the cyclical way with Doctor Who, but I’ve really enjoyed the trip.

On the RTD return: I hope he’s had a chance to work on his depression in the decade since he last helmed the series, the guy can write fun stuff while tackling important and/or moving ideas that fit the series, I definitely want more of that part of him to show up again, rather than the grimdark 2008-2009 side of him; Either way I’m gonna be watching. :clinking_glasses:

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