Does any fan of the orig MST3K think this revival is the worst?

This remake of the classic original is corny, hackneyed and unfunny. Patton Oswalt has never been funny and the other stooges they have here are terrible. It’s a disgrace to see how an amazing show from the 90s has been ripped off



Hate to take the bait, but, no.

Season 13 is the best of the revival so far. They finally got the riffing at a good level and gave things room to breathe. The same can be said for the host segments. They finally got them to a good place and, again, let them breathe more. The first few seasons were too fast paced in both areas and I think everything just clicked this season. Most of my favorite revival episodes are from this past season as well. They just nailed it.

Of course, you won’t care what I think based on your first post. Welcome!


I like it, but I can understand people not liking it because it’s different. Sadly, it’s impossible to make Mystery Science Theater 3000 just like how it was. But it’s good that it’s evolving, and updating its references, and maybe even bringing in new audiences.

I find (talking abut MST3K in general) that some episodes that I didn’t like at first have grown on me over the years and (gosh) decades. It might turn out to be that way to you?


I love it. Do I love everything? No. I miss the old set and they would do different angles, sometimes taking out the desk/ table entirely and do scenes on the floor. But there’s been a lot of stuff that I’ve just loved to bits.


“Has been ripped off” is odd phrasing.


I think you’ll find you’re in the minority here, but all opinions are welcome. constructive criticism is welcome.


I like seasons 11, 12 and 13.

They aren’t perfect. I do believe in season 11 they were just trying too hard to be funny, throwing out every joke and pop culture reference left & right. But I still loved that season!


i wouldn’t say it’s horrible, but merely a difference in humor. while the original cast seemed to have a keener wit which enables for more adult humor, this recent casting seems to embrace a more adolescent and often junior high wit. it’s often seen - take a look at any adult comedy sequel.

while i do give props to the current crew trying to keep the idea alive and kicking and generating a new crop of followers, i would like to see more effort in ramping up the adult humor meter rather than a junior high skit of beavis and butthead …

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Yeah boy the old show was way better that Kramer is a hoot. I loved it when Joel was driving a truck and he had a monkey named The Bear. A monkey! They don’t make em like that anymore.



I’ve been a fan since season 1, and not only is season 13 good - it’s the best season so far. So many new classics. A female host (finally!) who knocks it out of the park every single time. She’s energetic and silly and just what the show needs.

If you like the edgier (meaner) Mike years, well I’m sorry. Joel’s back in charge and he likes nice things.

As do I.


I am a KTMA purist. The rest is just derivative.


Season 13 was great. I’m going to guess that the OP is someone who was only a fan of the last couple of seasons of the '90s run, which had a very different sensibility from the original show and from the reboot. Just a guess, I could be wrong.

I think it’s more satisfying to enjoy all 13 seasons than to pick out a couple of seasons and declare that the other 10 should be the same.


The original cast had more adult humor? With Joel being the father figure and admonishing the bots when they got too spicy? I don’t think so. And welcome to the forum.


The original set a high bar - and to be honest, the humor was more to my tastes (and my era/age bracket). Having Frank and his movie (etc) knowledge in the writer’s room was also a plus - but after Frank… Seasons 7 and 8 were magical, and there were several classics in 9 (Werewolf, Final Sacrifice). I do like edgy, dark humor, but to be fair 13 could throw in some of that as well (see the bloodthirsty Susan).

So no, 13 is not the funniest season of all time for me (that honor goes to 5 and 8), BUT, as I’ve said elsewhere, it was the most fun. The whole journey, from Kickstarter to seasons end was wonderful - being part of this forum, digging the cast, new and old, the Gizmoplex, the event like feel of it all, our first 3-D movie, Beyond Atlantis with team Emily… I had an absolute blast.


Nah. There are some things I’m not real keen on (like I pine for physical sets again), but “the worst”? Far from it.

eta: since Joel is basically at the helm I fail to see how it can be a “rip off” of… his… own thing?


Nah. I don’t see anything wrong with the revival seasons!


Lol. You seem lost.

YouTube Comments are the other way.

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Nah. Patton Oswalt is hilarious. And Season 13 was a joy. MST3K is ever-changing. That’s why it lives.

Counting the days until the premiere of Season 14…



tolerated. :wink: