Does anybody here use an indoor bicycling app/platform?

I’ve done too much damage to my knees, and have to give up running as my bad-weather exercise. None of the people I ride my bike with in real life use a training app, so I figured I’d look to this community for people I’d have something in common with while I’m on the stationary trainer.

Any recommendations? Zwift, Trainer Road, Rouvy? The P-word one?

Thanks in advance for any advice!!

Well, I do THE PELOTON (insert scary overture here); I have the bike, but the app is usable with other stationary bikes. Their scenic rides are pretty nice and they have a selection of guided rides as well. The regular rides rely pretty heavy on their bike metrics (cadence, resistance, etc), but if you just tool along by ear (speed up when they say, get out of the saddle, etc), you can still get a good workout.

The plus side of the Peloton app is you also get access to all their other stuff: yoga, stretching, meditation, strength, outdoor walking, etc.

It took me the longest time to cave to my housemate’s wanting to get a Peloton, but I have to admit I’ve been pleased with everything for the 2 years I’ve had it. YMMV!

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