Does anyone else hope for another mad/experiment subject switch a la Last of the Wild Horses and Quest of the Delta Knights?

I’d love to see this in the new season, even if just for a short segment. I loved that they did this…twice!


I just thought about this Bc I bought Vol xxiii on dvd, and can’t wait to watch Last of the Wild Horses again.

I think a Joel swap with Pearl/Dr Erhardt would be WONDERFUL. And a max/kinga swap with Jonah would fulfill the prophecy foretold in the Netflix series…


I’d definitely be down with that!


I’d definitely like to see Kinga and Max get a chance to riff! They could put their time trapped in the Moon 13 theater to good use.


I’d really like that also. I think there’s some good potential this season for some strange multiverse shenanigans with the three hosts, so maybe the Mads riffing a segment or two could tie in with that.

I also wonder who the Mads in charge of Joel’s experiments will be. Dr Forrester and TV’s Frank have sadly moved on to a different plane of existence, and Dr Earhart isn’t mad anymore!


It could be JERRY AND SYLVIA 2.0! :smiley:


They got a lotta people they could shuffle around now. Could be like the “Animaniac Stew” episode.


Yessss, one of my favorite riffs is Gypsy saying “look they’re steam cleaning the horses” :grin:

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I’d love to see Kinga and Max in the theater! Do it, doooo iiiiiiit!


It’s occasionally fun to mix things up. I also enjoyed Mike’s brother, robot Mike, giant Tom Servo, and the contractor that wanders in to take pain leakage measurements for Pearl.

But as a card that the production team can play, it may be one worth keeping in reserve until it’s really needed, since doing something different in the theater that ties in with a host segments is a great way of getting around part of a movie that’s a real slog and hard to riff otherwise.

While I can see Kinga and Max riffing on one of the movies… briefly, there’s other fun stuff they could do as theater segments that wouldn’t be a repeat of a previous bit.

If they ever do another goofy time travel movie at some point (like Dimension 5… hint, hint), it’d be funny if they had Jonah, Crow, and Tom from the future walk into the theater as another set of silhouettes during the final host segment, and have to scooch past their original selves to fill up the other theater seats.

It’d be a great opportunity for some back and forth meeting yourself humor (“You think you’ve got it bad, we’ve had to watch this movie twice!”) and they could kill time during the end credits by having yet another set of time traveling Jonah, Crow, and Toms show up, and then another, and then a few even weirder versions from even further into the future, at which point they’re all talking over each other, and the original set have to sneak out of the theater and smash whatever experimental time travel belt Jonah built in a previous host segment before it causes any more chaos.


If they do go this route again (or similar), I hope the ‘guest’ riffers riff for more than just one segment. I was pretty disappointed that Frank and Forrester didn’t riff for half the movie while Mike and the bots riffed the other half. I’m not saying that should always be the case, but I think it’d be nice to get just a smidge more from the bit.

I might be wrong but aren’t there plans for Kinga and Max to riff on Mr. B?

I haven’t heard about that, but it sounds like fun! Personally I think I’d enjoy them riffing an all-new short instead of one that’s considered a classic to MSTies, since it gives them more room for creativity!

Yup! One of the promo images that showed live events that we can expect at the Gizmoplex included a mockup of a ticket to see Kinga and Max riff Mr. B. Natural.

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Also makes sense, given that’s how the last season ended…

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I’d want it to be a time mix up thing from an experiment gone wrong…and somehow we get all three Forresters (Pearl, Clayton, Kinga) in the theater doing the riffs. Sure the one time we saw Prime Clayton try riffing it didn’t go well, but that WAS “Castle of Fu Manchu” so it can be forgiven. Of course this is assuming we can get Trace to join in the fun.

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Like Nightspawn, I take it for granted that we’ll see the new Mads riff, given how Season 12 ended.

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I think it would would be fun for Kinga to punish Max for something by sending him up to the SOL to be experimented on for some DEEP HURTING (or whatever this season’s equivalent will be), while having her own private Mad spa day (relax without Max!)


That sounds like fun! Three generations of Forresters, plus we would FINALLY get to see Clay and Kinga’s father-daughter dynamic! Since she’s so keen on carrying on his memory, I’m guessing they got along better than he did with Pearl… though admittedly, that’s a pretty low bar.


I can’t imagine the robots being thrilled with that idea! From what we’ve seen of the sort-of friendship between Max and Jonah, especially in season 12, it could be an opportunity to expand on that more. What brings people closer more than gossiping about your evil boss and riffing on truly awful movies?

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