Does anyone else remember Caption This on the Science Fiction Channel?

Does anyone remember back in the early days of the Science Fiction channel when they had where you could post caps of screen grabs? Nodrog_CRC remembers…


I remember that, sure. I’m hoping for a similar feature in the Gizmoplex. I wonder… Where could I find a limitless stream of bizarre, “on topic” images to use for such a thing? The right Google images search might do the trick…


Vagulely, and yes, it’d be fun to see that revived! (Although somehow I feel like most of the stills could use the Universal New Yorker Cartoon Caption, “Christ, what an asshole.”)


Totally, I loved it!

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Many was the mispent night I spent playing with that page.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

Yup! I spent my free time on Caption This. You may have remembered me as Cari. I remember most of my interactions were with buckfifty, weirdone, d_idaho, and others (sorry I can’t remember all your handles!).

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