Does anyone want to do a version of Rifftrax with me?

I have no news but I want to know why there are no riffs of Frogtown movies.
I recently couldn’t afford Rifftrax, and I am missing it already.
Here’s the deal,
I bought the subscription and used it a little. Not much.
Then I remembered to check the Friends section for free movies once in a while, and found some gems. I only watched maybe five or six riffs, in total. Cost analysis would be like, that’s a waste of money. Only it’s not. These riffs were priceless and beyond value. The Gizmoplex experience is beyond cool, it’s literally awesome. At least I still have that… and everything from film crew to minneapolis on dvi…

My suggestions on the Rifftrax board haven’t been used yet, to the best of my knowledge. I was strong on trying to suggest the Feast trilogy. It just never occurred to me that the Frogtown movies never have been riffed. Shudder had them recently.

I was also followed by several riff groups who were startup. It looks like it could be fun, with the right crowd. Anyone who wants to pitch ideas with me about that is welcome to. I write a lot and i have blogs.
I’ve done podcasting, and have done over 40,000 sales of a rap single. I have also been featured in a Comedy Bang Bang Episode with a catchphrase. Plus I’ve been pitched at to star in my own public access TV show when I was a younger improv comedian, and I’ve been pitched at to write my own film review column in the local newspaper. That’s some of my resume, anyway.

So if you want to riff Frogtown with me? Let’s do it on Zoom! I have a million ideas! they don’t have 4,000.

*Note Update:
The admin wanted to ban me from this board for mentioning my website. I subscribed through kickstarter, soooo…
also PS. did you know you can use Windows Gamebar to rip any live show? i frequently have done it, it works.

Maybe there’s no riffs because of rights issues. MST/Rifftrax need to license the movies they riff. Or maybe they weren’t good riffing material compared to other options.

Tons of people make tons of suggestions for movies. Most don’t happen.


RT’s whole thing was riffs without rights issues because they weren’t selling the movie.

And they’ve since transitioned to primarily doing VOD with the occasional mp3-only riff on “big” movies.

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Well I suppose they gotta position themselves past the DVD market.