Does MST feel especially summery to you?

The very first time I saw the show was down the shore in Wildwood, New Jersey for the debut of The Killer Shrews in 1992. Since then, MST3K has felt like the perfect summer show to me. Also influencing that were the nightly midnight shows when Comedy Central did their countdown over the summer in 1995.

Does anyone have similar or different stories of seasonal attachment to MST3K?

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Yeah, my introduction to MST3K began in the summer. I remember staying up late on hot Saturday nights so I could tape The Mystery Science Theater Hour as it was broadcasting on a local station – we didn’t have cable. Snacking on Jack’s frozen pizzas, then waking up way too early the next morning to go to my part time job.

Good times.


Not when I’m watching The Day The Earth Froze. Or Jack Frost. Or Avalanche.


Yeah, I could go along with that. TBH I kind of despise the Christmas-themed shorts and flicks — yes, I’m aware those are popular fan favorites, so no offense intended to those who like them — so it’s convenient for me to respin some of the classics.

And plenty of my favorite episodes seem to be set in the dead heat of summer…maybe something to do with using less expensive lighting set ups, or something, but I don’t know about such things.

And the smells of summer! Sodium. Food and fish markets. Existential outlaws wearing leather gear at the beach.


I don’t associate MST3K with a particular season, but I do associate it with darkness and late night. It’s weird watching episodes at 8 PM in June when it’s still broad daylight outside.