Download all episodes

It would be great if there was a quick and easy way to download all your purchased episodes and shorts without having to open each and click download.

Maybe this exists and I’m missing it?


Yes, please! Need to be able to have/put these episodes on DVD. Thanks, T

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I second this whole heartedly. I would love to be able to download them all as a zip etc.

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Please tell me where the download button is. I must be blind. =(

1 Like > My Videos > Member Pass (or any package you own) > select an episode

When I click on my gizmoplex pass…

it just takes me to the movies.

Yes, that’s right. Now click on one of the titles. You should see a drop-down menu with download options. (except for Shape of Things to Come, that won’t be downloadable until Friday)


Oh! Ok, NOW I see it! Thank you!

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Apparently not available for the livestream events =(

No just the final episodes and the shorts.


I wouldn’t want to download everything as a single zip because that just begs for an incredibly long download prone to errors (and the video formats are pretty well compressed already; zipping won’t affect the size much).

However I would like a single page with all the download links so I can clicky click click with a quicky quick quickness I just can’t get from navigating to individual episodes.


Though come to think of it… once the Video Fridge has download functionality, that’s pretty close. Still a couple of clicks for each download, but not a full navigate out and in for each file.

Hey everyone who’s voted for this: would that be acceptable? Do you just want mass downloading to not be frustrating, or do you need it to be the super easiest thing to do?

For me, personally, myself, the mass download would hopefully be a one-time exercise, so it being a full-fledged feature is not so important. I just don’t want it to be a chore. So “open fridge, click canister, click download, close canister, repeat steps 2-4” is perfectly fine.