Dumb question about origins

I’ve been a fan since the early days (1993 - first ep, the all-time classic Pod People!). But I’ve never been to a live show. Is that where Emily and GPC were born?

I’ve tried to keep up with things online, and IIRC the first time I saw or heard of them was last year’s Turkey Day marathon. They were presented as standard characters without background.

I guess another option is near the end of season 12. Life has gotten in the way and I still have a few of the Season 12 episodes to go.

I hope to catch a live show on this tour fairly soon, so I thought I’d ask the people who know. Thanks for answering a dumb question.


Yes, Emily and MegaSynthia (Yvonne) were introduced in the previous live show. Joel was the test subject and Emily was the stage hand who was promoted to test subject at the end of the show.

The entire live show cast will be part of Emily’s test case when the Gizmoplex launches.

Take a look at the Moon Zero Two reriff for more Emily and crew.


I’ll be watching that reriff. Thanks!