Dumb question: why is my profile pic in the Gizmoplex?

Hooray for the Gizmoplex!! So happy to see it in action and looking forward to Friday!!

But, I have a dumb question: why is my photo in my Gizmoplex profile?

At what point did I upload my photo?

I don’t remember having to do that when I was using VHX, and I think I remember reading that some account data was pulled from VHX into the Gizmoplex platform.

Not a big deal but I’m just confused. I normally don’t upload a photo of myself somewhere unless I have to. And it’s not the image I use here, it’s a pic of me. How did it get there?

Maybe I uploaded it previously but just don’t remember… :woman_shrugging:

Anyone have any ideas?

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Do you have a Gravatar? I believe Gizmoplex uses that if one is associated with your email address. I know it’s using mine.


Ohhh ok thanks @SandyFrank, that could be it. I am using my photo for my Gravatar on Wordpress. I didn’t realize that Gravatar was independent and followed you across platforms. I thought it was specific to Wordpress.

Mystery solved, thank you!! :+1:


My pleasure! And while Gravatar did start out as a WordPress thing, it has enjoyed broader adoption over time. There are a number of sites I’m on which use it.

Cool, thanks so much for the explanation!

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