So I saw Dune yesterday and i really liked it. I went with my father in law who’s quite a big fan of the books and he said the movie follows them quite well.
Anyway, great acting, great soundtrack, and it looks beautiful, like we’re used from Villeneuve.

So er, please, my friends from the US and UK, go buy a ticket for this one.
This MAY be a little egocentric, since i really want to see the sequel. :grin:


I’ll be off to watch it. Not currently out here because every cinema is full of James [expletive redacted] Bond for the next week. BORING!

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Yeah, not a fan of Bond either.
I’m not really sure why Dune is released so late in the UK though. It is for the US, because of HBO Max if I’m not mistaken, but the UK doesn’t have that right?

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You’re right - no HBO Max but most of the stuff that is shown on that channel in the States goes to Sky Atlantic here. But with that said we aren’t having a simultaneous streaming / theatrical release in the UK so no idea why it’s the same as the US release date. You’d need a Mentat to figure this out.

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How does it work with having split the book up? It’s the one aspect that’s had me wary of watching it.

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I haven’t seen it yet, but I did own a copy of this and it was fun.



I wish i could tell you, but i haven’t read the books myself.
From what i can tell is that the first book will be dealt with in two movies. According to my father in law, some parts in this first movie are in the second book, as well as some parts are missing that are handled in the first half of the book.
All in all, they seem to be keeping true to the book, but making slight chronological changes.

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The only snackfood endorsed by the Kwisatz Haderach:



I watched it four times in 4 days. On Thursday night on HBOMax on my living room 55" 1080p TV thru Amazon Fire Cube. Liked it enough to go see it in IMAX on Saturday - first time I’ve been in a movie theatre in nearly two years - LOOKED TERRIBLE. I was happy to see a pretty big crowd, though.

So I watched it Saturday night on my smaller 4K bedroom TV through Apple TV HD - LOOKED STUNNING. Sounded amazing too thru my nice headphones. Watched it again Sunday same way, but with captions on to get every word.

I liked it more each time, in fact I’m ready to say that Villeneuve has actually IMPROVED on the book in many ways. It’s not perfect (it would have to be the whole book and last 18 hours to be perfect) but so much better than any of the other attempts.

Timothée is fantastic as Paul Atreides, especially in the gom jabbar scene and the holy war revelation scene in the tent.

I am DONE with movie theatres. I’ve upgraded my home system(s) during the pandemic to the point where I have an almost perfect viewing setup in my home.


My last experience in a cinema was painful, from a sound quality aspect. Because it was sci-fi, some oaf had obviously decided to turn the bass all the way up, so the explosions sounded “awesome”. The result - you could barely hear the dialogue, and most of sound in the action scenes was just uncontrolled booming audiofarts.


I’m going to watch it tonight IN A CINEMA!

Wish me luck.


That was me for many, many years. It’s still generally the case. It’s the trashed, unkempt theaters and loud, device addicted audiences that were killing it for me.

There’s a theater in my area that made me love going to the movies again and it’s the only one I’ll go to now.

Once they get their hands on Dune, I’ll be buying a ticket.

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Yes, that was also a problems in the IMAX theatre I went to. As I said to the person I went to see it with, half jokingly, “it was so loud, I couldn’t hear anything.”

There are some beautiful aspects to the sound mix I heard in my headphones. Completely lost in a theatre.


There are times I’ve gone to the movies and actually turned my hearing aids down.

There’s really no reason to have the sound that loud and/or unbalanced.

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Does anybody, at any point, look right at the camera and shout “I WILL KILL HIM?!?!”


HA! No, and no tiny codpieces either. Actually, the character of Feyd-Rautha seems to have been jettisoned entirely. At least in Pt 1. Dave Bautista does a GREAT job in his few scenes as the Beast Rabban. But no sexy nephew to be seen…

:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: :speak_no_evil:

Let us know what you thought!

I’m pretty sure I lost 28% of my hearing when I went to see Godzilla: King of Monsters in the theater. Every movie is too loud and too long.

I am sincerely hoping that Villeneuve’s Dune does well enough that Dune: Part Two is swiftly greenlit. The way COVID is still screwing with box office numbers along with the simultaneous streaming release in some regions, it’s hard to tell how certain that is at this point.

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