DVD mini-poster question

DVD mini-poster question here:

How do y’all store them outside of keeping the. In the boxes?

I just bought a bunch of box sets, and the posters worry me that they’ll be damaged by repeat use of the DVDs.

Any suggestions? Normal photo sizes pages don’t work, either.

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I keep them in the boxes in release order with the dvd spines showing, but I’m thinking of putting them in episode order but if I do then I’d have to take out the disks of my Rhino sets…what do you think Sirs? Ma’am’s?

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At present I keep them in their associated boxsets, but have thought about transferring them all to the collectors tins. Those are more robust and have more extra space.

I do turn them so they are facing each other and presenting the blank sides on the outside, so at least the friction of taking DVD sleeves in and out are less likely to scuff them.

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One other idea is, since the the posters are about the size of a slimline DVD case, you could store them in slimline wrapping sleeves. Here are some examples I found with a quick search.

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I store all mine in a makeshift cardboard “booklet”:

The Ziploc bag keeps them from sliding around and protects the corners, and the shell protects the bundle from getting bent. Not a very glamorous home, but it keeps them safe while I figure out how to show them off.


I keep mine in the metal cases from the Gamera and Turkey Day sets.

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I post mine on the wall. Because they’re posters!


I just recently made the switch on this too, because I had an extra poster frame and nothing big enough to fill more than the top quarter of it. The little DVD mini-posters I had on hand were the right size to fill up the rest in a tidy and attractive way. Problem solved!

Complete delay on my part…
Oh I keep mine in the box sets.
Sorry I was thinking Of the DVD sets which are in released order. So does anyone put there DVDs in episode order or box set order?

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Box set order. I just like the look of the ascending chapters and, as someone who usually watches episodes out-of-order, I like that the box sets bounce around too.

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