DVR and LIVE modes during live stream of Santo premier

At one point during Santo, while watching on my PC in Chrome in the Virtual Theater, I typed my left arrow key on my keyboard to rewind it like 10 seconds. When you do that, the stream switches from the red “LIVE” icon in the upper left corner, to the blue “DVR” icon. That all made sense.

However, once I did that, I couldn’t figure out how to return back to the “LIVE” mode, and I was behind everyone else in the chat. I tried hitting the right arrow key on my keyboard, I tried dragging the slider to the right, and I also tried clicking on the “DVR” icon. None of that worked.

But then, a few minutes into the Q&A at the end, my video suddenly jumped forward, and I’m back in “LIVE” mode again. Not sure what was up with that.

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From memory, there’s a button down where the play/pause button lives, which should bring you “back to the future”.

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It must have been wonderful
I can’t even see a thing
I finally stumbled onto VHX ID - anyone can have mine… it’s useless and I have yet to identify what I am doing wrong.

I’m not a hack and I can use any device with the proper directions but my disappointment level with this “organization” is not fit for print.

I hope everyone enjoys the experience and I am proud to have “donated” my fee… RIFFTRAX is at least not a rip off.

Any suggestions??

Greg Buddie

See this response in the other thread:

Can anyone confirm the “back to the future” feature?

I had to leave for a bit, so I rewinded the live stream to catch something I missed. But I could not find any “Live” buton. I found that refreshing the page though brought me back to Live. So that worked out in the end.

@Buddy_Lee I get that you’re frustrated. If you are still having issues, I’d suggest contacting support at

When you contact them, make sure you specify that you are redeeming a pass that is not a KS reward. Any error messages you are getting will also help the team track down what happened with activating your pass.


It’s the forward button. It uses the icon that you’d normally associate with “go to the next track / item in playlist.” Bottom left of the video window, to the immediate left of the scrub bar.