Early Onset Nostalgia

Sorry for this bummer of a thread, but man, I’m getting old. Just last night I was reflecting on the “good olds days” of this forum (i.e., six months ago), when things were new and every thread seemed worth posting in. A core of members quickly developed and I came to recognise each not just by their avatar but by their style.

Now each morning feels more like separating the wheat from the chaff, with a dozen new threads that all seem like an endless rehash of “listicle” type stuff you see on content-grinding ad-driven sites. Gems like Beautifully Illustrated Film Posters and Wildlife Pictures are buried or silent now, remnants of those days I miss.

Yah, I’m being maudlin, because I miss something that felt like a sanctuary from the world. But hey, things change, and I should really just relax. But if you don’t see me around as much going forward, you’ll at least know why.


A large number of threads are being posted by a single person. I don’t want to discourage that person from posting and I am not going to name them to single them out, but the threads you are complaining about are mostly that person’s.


It was sweet, wasn’t it, brief but sweet.


like anything there is a trailing off, but if you don’t put in the “work” the shape of forums will likely more quickly align with current read of it.

i can be a slightly miserable poster, but what often keeps me checking in, if not interacting, is those people who have their fun in spite of whatever reactions they receive OR whatever the level of discourse(we have forum sign) is.

continue to share your enthusiasm for all the topics you know and keep enjoying…


You said it, man.


I feel that way about the internet in general… missing the 90s when the net did so much less, yet was so much more fun.

This forum kind of reminds me of 90’s Usenet without the trolls.


I think part of this is growing pains. We don’t have new episodes to talk about, yet. The Gizmoplex isn’t up and running yet, and we don’t have any of the KS rewards to show off or talk about, so folks fill it with other stuff.

The Turkey Day thread was a massive amount of fun and I expect the forum will revert to more on topic MST kind of things once we have something MST to talk about.


Having been online since before there was truly an “online” (BBS and usenet baby!) I’ve never fretted such things myself. I read what interests me and ignore what doesn’t. It’s never actually been an issue - or at least one that can’t be solved via using the settings for me.

I will point out if there are users that don’t post threads generally of interest to you enough that you’ve noted them. You can just hide their posts (go to their profile and on the upper right where is usually says “normal” just below message click it and select “ignore.” I’ve used such setting a lot over the years in forums. Sure you might randomly miss something you might have wanted to see but the odds are generally low I find.

Just my insane .02


I always wondered why they sang that they could use a man like Herbert Hoover again. He was one of the worst, most scandal-plagued presidents.


You mean Harding, I think?


I was thinking of the way he handled the Depression, but Harding was awful too.

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In 1971, Hoover would have been out of office for 43 years. I think the songwriters were trying to portray Archie and Edith as hopelessly out of date.


But gee, their old LaSalle ran great.


Those were the days.


I think that song was just meant to be nostalgic in general and portray the Bunkers as conservative and as a couple of Greatest Generationers coming up against all the changes of that era.


I can’t tell you for how long, as a kid, I thought the line they were singing was “cheese was at a solid rate” and I never could figure out what that meant . . .


It was. Inflation was out of control in 1971.


I thought it was “gee, our old lot’s sour and great.” Whatever that means.


I was wondering, because of that, if there was a badge that required creating lots of threads.