Earth vs. Soup, I mean, THE SPIDER special nostalgic edition Watchalong thread 🌎 👊 🕷

Picture it: Hinsdale, Illinois. Saturday, September 14, 1991. Bryan Adams is tearing up the charts with schlocky slow-dance favorite “Everything I Do (I Do it For You).” Miss Hawaii is crowned the 65th Miss America. And 11-year-old Aquarius F. Lastname is earning a few extra bucks for the slap bracelet fund by babysitting the kids down the street.

Flipping through the basic cable channels once the kids were in bed, I run across an old black-and-white movie. The camera zooms in on a grinning skull, and a goofy lockjaw voice goes :skull: “HI CAROL! DID YOU GET MY PRESENT?” :skull:

Welp, that did it for me. Not many of my life decisions are still going strong over 30 years down the road, but I feel pretty great about this one. Now let’s all give it up for the masters of Pleasing Lip & Tongue Action: Ladies and gentlemen, SPIDORR! :metal::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


*Standard Watchalong Disclaimer: This episode is available in the Gizmoplex, but you can join us wherever you watch MST3K. Simply press play at 8:00 PM Eastern and riff along in this thread. Running late? Fast forward however many minutes past 8 PM Eastern it is and hop on in. This thread should not be taken orally or while operating heavy machinery. Accessories sold separately. If symptoms persist, throw your own Watchalong, why don’t you?



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I hope they show the elusive mountains of Illinois!


Earth vs. the Spider is episode 313, in case that helps people find it. I think that’s a good thing to include in the top post for all these watchalongs.


So, not Kevin Costner’s butt?


Why he didn’t consult me is a mystery to this day, but I’ve never been afforded an opportunity to make a decision about Kevin Costner’s butt.


WOOHOO! Watch Party Friday!

And we got another terrific episode lined up tonight! Should be loads of fun!

Let’s do this!


I may actually be able to join in on this one! Starting at 8 is always just a bit late for me, but I don’t have work in the morning, and I don’t think I’ve seen this episode.




It was the summer of 1995.

I don’t remember the circumstances, but there I was, still up at 2:00 AM on a Saturday. Flipping through the channels for something to watch, I stopped on a very odd, foggy monster movie (on my local NBC affiliate). Figured it would help lull me to sleep, I stayed with it.

Moments later: I happened to notice three individuals on the corner of the screen. Before I knew it: They were talking over the movie and what they were saying was really funny! I was intrigued.

I ended up watching the entire thing (the episode was Pod People. You cannot forget Trumpy’s distinct look) and enjoyed what I saw. Those puppets were cute, that guy in red was cool. They even sing songs! I was interested in more.

The following week, I purposely stayed up again to 2:00 AM to watch another. This one was Cave Dwellers and when I saw Ator’s hang glider and all the hysterical riffs they were giving towards that sequence, I knew this show was for me. I was locked-in as a MSTie.

And now: TWENTY-NINE years later… here I am!


Should be there but will wait until after the stinger to post my mst3k “story”.


Shouldn’t it be “why dontcha?” :laughing:


Aw cripes aw jeez, it sure as heck should. Wouldja look at that.


I am still doing laundry and cleaning and stuff (recovery from the roast of pig is not complete) but I am ready for 1900 CDT!!!


Hey everyone, unfortunately I won’t be able to make it tonight due to last minute family plans. I’ll be sure to stop in and see how things went, though.

Have fun, fellow Discoursians and Gizmoplexians! Will do my best to be back in action next week. :muscle::muscle::muscle:


Have fun kids! I will be at the arcade playing pinball and video games like a responsible adult should. I will probably put the episode on when I get home, and scroll through the thread so I can pretend like I was almost here watching it with everyone.


Good. I haven’t seen this one in a dog’s age. Actually haven’t seen a movie in a while…it’s either this or Freebie and the Bean, so I pick this.

Have most of a full bottle of Ballyhoo Irish, so I shan’t be bored. Also, a half pack of cigarettes, and it’s night, and I’m wearing sunglasses. Oh, wait. Time zones and the “early bird special time for people on the coast.” Never mind!

Trust me, Ballyhoo is what I’d call a “fun” whiskey. It has character, but it’s fun.

/* Huh. That DA temp mgr didn’t clock that he’s way over budget for today’s head count.

Just to be kind, I sent just now a notice of absence reading “I’m too busy looking for a job where ability and effort is valued.”

Whatever. Go flip your own burgers, dreadful company. I be sipping whiskies, finding and filing all the scraps of staff paper, and watching some damned awful movie!

And maybe have a frozen pizza! */


I’ve had a day, let’s go.


I wouldn’t have thought these were mutually exclusive. Quite the opposite.

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Fun character!

Versus character in horrible nature…the Torgo that are some of the “novelty” Irishes (the Bushmill “Prohibition Edition,” the “Maggie the Cat,” and to jump islands and nations, that “Monkey Shoulder” stuff)…and no character…like most of the Jay-mos (exception made for the “Cask Mates” series).

Light, effervescent…fun!

dammit, where’s Nelson to do a nice Jack Perkins impersonation!