Editing Error in Lost Continent sketch

I’ve watched 3 of 6 so far, and thought I should report, the extra sketch in Lost Continent has an editing error. The curtain matte for the episode remains and the SOL Ambience SFX track is at full volume throughout, instead of decreasing after the Kinga Test Card tansition.

Also, I don’t think I saw a new sketch in Avalanche, but since it’s a newer episode I’m not sure if that’s intentional. There is one in Avalanche, my bad. More Jonah in a Jonah experiment blends together well.

Really enjoying what new stuff I’ve seen so far though! Hopefully the sketch in Lost Continent can get fixed soon.


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It’s there at the 1:18:46 mark


Thank you!! I don’t know how I missed that one, saw it now.


I saw the Gizmopblip for Lost Continent, and I noticed that the intro and outro sound (the rumbling and beeping sound effect) persisted throughout the Gizmoblip obscuring the dialog from the blip. You might want to go back and remove this background sound during the main part of the Gizmoblip.

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I can confirm I experienced the same thing. Have voted.

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I saw it in “Lost Continent”. Very weird.