Emily and Conor prosecute Leprechaun in the Hood on Reels of Justice

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Emily Marsh and Conor McGiffin recently appeared on our podcast, Reels of Justice, to prosecute the 2000 comedy horror Leprechaun in the Hood! If you’re not familiar with what we do, we put movies on trial, and two movie lawyers have to duke it out to determine if the film is guilty of being a bad movie. In this case, Conor prosecuted and Emily defended, and we also got to chat a bit about the upcoming tour and some of our favorite scary movies.

Here’s the episode if you want to check it out: ROJ-120: “The People vs. Leprechaun in the Hood” with Emily Marsh and Conor McGiffin



We’ve also been fortunate enough to have some other great MST3K (and Rifftrax) guests, if you want to check some of those out!

ROJ-110: “The People vs. Ishtar” with Mary Jo Pehl

ROJ-010: “The People vs. The Wicker Man (2006)” with Frank Conniff and Trace Beaulieu

And many more!


As a longtime Ishtar defender I’ll have to check that out! (I know Frank is also a fan of Ishtar, he frequently comes to its defense on Twitter.)


I like Ishtar too. I mean it’s by no means a perfect film, but there are so many movies worse than Ishtar. I don’t get the hate.

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Ishtar’s biggest sin is simply its price tag. It cost way, way too much to make, and so commercially, it’s one of the biggest flops ever. If the same exact movie were made for like a tenth of the cost, it would just be a somewhat forgettable comedy that nobody would talk about.

Also I think people wanted to be extra harsh to poor Elaine May. Who is a great director, especially when it comes to dramas and comedies, but I think a sweeping epic like this was just not her style.

Frank has appeared on the show a few times as well, and often discussed his penchant for Elaine May.


I’ll definitely check out your show. I always liked Elaine May and I had several Nichols and May records growing up.

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Also fellow Ishtar admirer, here. It’s really funny.

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Added this to my list of pods to listen to at work/while mowing etc.

Thanks for bringing this up!

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“Hollywood” in German is pronounced “schadenfreude”.

The sheer joy people got from the production difficulties this movie had was incomprehensible to the average Joe.


If you want a movie to put on trial I suggest Earth Girls Are Easy. It’s probably PG13. Looking back I wonder why I liked it.

You might like the YouTube channel Legal Eagle for the playlist on laws broken in movies. I’ve learned a lot of things from movies breaking laws this way.

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I hear Earth Girls are Easy is going to be on Comedy Central 8,734 times.


Oh yes, I will add this to our “Wishlist.” Typically, our guests pick the films they want to prosecute or defend, and we act as court appointed opponents. But occasionally, they ask for suggestions and I go to our Wishlist.


Other people associated with MST3K include Frank Dietz (the babyface detective in Zombie Nightmare) prosecuting The Omega Man and defending Grizzly, Deanna Rooney (Dr. Donna St. Phibes from Season 12) defending Ticks, Emily Marsh prosecuting the 2019 version of Little Women, and Grant Baciocco (Crow and M. Waverly puppeteer) defending Radioland Murders.