This is a thread for gushing about how awesome Emily is! Wooo, Emily rocks! :heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkles::heart:


I feel like a broken record, but with Emily (as with Kelsey) it is timing timing timing! She has a subtle mastery of cadence that draws the riff out just long enough to get a little extra giggle out of you. And her enthusiasm… all these kids have great energy, but she gets to show it especially well (helps that she doesn’t have to be ‘over it’ like the bots). She strikes me as the sort who will commit to a joke no matter what. I respect that.


Most instantly-likeable host in the history of MST3K. I like her style. I’ve noticed a kind of desperate energy bubbling under the surface, at least during the first episode. Like she’s acting like she’s OK with this, but she is NOT OK with this. It’s very subtle and maybe I’m imagining it, but I love it and I think it adds to the humor.


Said it in quite a few threads already, but the fact Emily exuded such confidence in her “televised” debut is really special.

It can be difficult to move from the stage to the screen - the cast said as much in the Q&A this past Sunday. Because of that, I give her a ton of credit. It’s honestly been my favorite “first episode” of any host thus far, and that says a LOT.

If this is what we get in her first episode, there’s no telling the heights she’ll reach in the future. She’s an extremely talented individual.


I am dead tired so commenting to as a reminder to write a more in depth comment tomorrow when I’m not exhausted. Emily is totally friggin’ amazing and I’m super excited for more antics! Now: :sleeping:


She was so so so good. I am always nervous when a new host launches even though they’ve all turned out great. (I didn’t see the latest tour so I wasn’t familiar with her stuff before.) I found her hilarious, delightful, and an awesome addition to the cast. Yay!


Emily is doing fantastic job so far! She has very impressive range of expressions and reactions. In the theater, she know how match the scene with the right kind of emotion, for example:

In Beyond Atlantis: When the scientist is blankly staring at that mask, Emily says “somebody stop me” in the flattest tone possible. That got quite a laugh out of me.

Strong formal debut all-around!


After Emily’s appearances in the various events I felt like she was going to be good, and Beyond Atlantis proved it. She’s got the loveable doofus thing down, and I loved the scene with Jonah where she said the unthinkable that the mads are kinda dumb. She, Conor, and Kelsey already have such good chemistry, so they don’t feel like they’re “lagging” behind Jonah’s crew while they find their own thing. Thanks for that, live show!


I started to like Emily’s humor since 2020 (the year when I got into MST3K for the first time), and after I saw her at the Time Bubble Tour, I began to love her riffing, AND humor even more!


Great rapper too.


She is a very natural host, which seems to be a fortuitous mixture of talent and her authentic personality. She has great energy and spot-on delivery. I’m looking forward to seeing her settle in and show up sometimes in “kick-back” mode, like when Joel used to appear in a bathrobe over his jumpsuit. I suspect she can be very funny in low-key mode just as easily.


The heir apparent to Mike Nelson in the theater and to a slightly lesser degree the host segments. Not to say Jonah isn’t wonderful because IMO he 100% is and all his own, but Emily’s tone and style is extremely Nelson-adjacent in a good way, while also doing her own thing.


Emily is a great host, seems natural at it right off the bat. A lot of that is probably due to the fact that she had a ton of live shows to perfect her character with instant feedback (as the live chats have pointed out). That way, when she got to her debut episode and most of the world (myself included) first saw her it was way more honed.

I am excited to see how her character evolves within the story line of the season.


While the way she was added in was kind of haphazard and seemed like an afterthought, Emily herself is great and I liked her just as quickly as I liked Jonah.

I’ve never had any issues with any of the hosts. They’ve all been different and all have been good.


NOT MIKE #2 is prettier than NOT MIKE #1. That is all.


naw seriously I gave her all kinds of kudos in the other threads. She’s great, perfect for the show.


I agree. havn’t seen kelsey in action yet. but I like what we’ve seen of emily. Not bad looking either doesn’t hurt :).

Although I can see why they didn’t go with Ripley as her last name. that name might be copyrighted.


I actually got introduced to Mike first. So it took a WHILE to get used to Joels’ slower reading of things. but, eventually I got over it ;).


I did, too, but when I figured out what the show was, I sought out the earlier episodes and I liked them. :slight_smile:


Emily’s first “MOVIE SIGN!” reaction in episode 1303 is HILARIOUS! And if you haven’t checked out the Pesky Creatures Vault picks this month, I highly suggest Gamera. There is an excellent Emily sketch hiding in there!


One thing that jumped out at me in Mothercrabber was, as the song went on, more and more of Emily’s real hair fell out from under the wig she was wearing and she just kept going. It felt right for MST3K, just like how Jonah knocks over the monsters in “Every Monster Has A Country”, looks at the camera in a slight panic, and then keeps going. :slight_smile: