Episode 610 The Violent Years with short Young Man's Fancy.

I love this episode! Both the movie and short are classic! Let’s have your thoughts and memories of this one!


I’m generally not a fan of the Delinquent Teen genre, but I love the off-kilter anti-communist angle at the end.

“Young Man’s Fancy” is one of those bonkers shorts where it’s a thinly-veiled pean to American consumer culture.


Squishy was one of the best lines from the short.
And “Once a driller, always a driller” From Bakersfield High at the end. They also say Fresno in another one. They should do a follow up on what happened to the letter writer.

What About Juvenile Delinquency was another good short.


A sign where I live.


“She died as she lived: failing Algebra.”


Is mom in the Guardian Angels?

Top ten of shorts, for me. Movie OK…could do with more wanton exploitation. Serviceable.

Main actress is spitting image of a bartender I used to know…something about the eyebrows…it’s uncanny.

Mud butler to you too!

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This felt like one of those scripts written by someone who thinks they know how teenagers act, but has no idea.

Plus, this film might have one of the most judgmental judges ever.

I’m surprised after denying the request to raise the baby, he didn’t just place a revolver and two bullets on his desk, and tell them: “I think you know the only course of action left to take…you utter failures of humanity.”

I fell asleep and had to stop watching it with BF last night, but I got the best screencap from the opening.