Episode Restarts While Watching

I was watching the Cheating short earlier and in the middle of it, it went back to the beginning. Later, I was about 45 minutes into The Human Duplicators and it did it again. Anyone else have that issue?


Yes I have had this happen once or twice on different episodes, but I wasn’t paying close attention so haven’t been able to work out some kind of cause or reliable replication steps yet. Will keep my eyes peeled, but I can confirm you are not alone.

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I had a similar issue, however my issue happened when I would pause an episode for a while (say 20-30 minutes) and attempt to resume. The film would restart.

If it helps I’m watching Mitchell

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I am seeing the same thing after pausing for a while. When I go to start playing again the video goes back to the beginning and there is not “resume” option to take me back to where I was.

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