Episodes 315-319: Share your screenshots and favorite riffs!

As a refresher:

You can submit one to three screenshots in comments on each post. Please keep your images at minimum 800px x 600px and 72 dpi. File type does not matter. YES, screenshots of host segments are welcome too!

If you’d ALSO like to throw in a favorite riff, choose one that’s relatively short. Remember to include the timestamp of where it happens in the episode. Ideally the riff should make sense when used in context with the screenshot(s) you’ve chosen. Riffs are optional, though, and if you’d rather just share screenshots, that is fine too.

All of this info will be collected and may be used in the Gizmoplex library! Your contributions are greatly appreciated, even if you can’t participate on every post. There’s zero pressure to do EVERY episode. Whatever you can do will help.

315 Teenage Caveman
316 Gamera Vs. Zigra
317 Viking Women / Voyage to the Waters
318 Star Force: Fugitive Alien II
319 War Of The Colossal Beast


315 Teenage Caveman

Joel at 30:35 - “That guy’s wearing a seat cover.”

316 Gamera vs. Zigra

Joel at 33:00 - “It’s a Gene Simmons impression!”


317 Viking Women and the Sea Serpent


Crow at 52:23 - “Daddy I don’t wanna hunt, I wanna be a poet.”

318 Star Force: Fugitive Alien II

Joel at 18:04 - “That’s full thrust? It looks like an aerosol can.”


319 War of the Colossal Beast

Joel at 1:31:39 - “Mmm hmm, that’s good voltage!”


Teenage Caveman:

“These two remember to use plenty of lip and tongue action.” (Servo, 49:38)


315 - Teenage Caveman


(image/riff taken approximately at 40:41)

Servo: “This man’s not insured, get him outta here!”


(image taken approximately at 49:25; riff taken a few seconds later)

Crow: “KITTY!”


(image/riff taken approximately at 53:09)

Crow: “Cross your legs, Robert, you can see the squirrel.”

316 - Gamera Vs. Zigra


(image/riff taken approximately at 7:54)

Crow: “Models by Eric and Lewis Grunden, 4th and 5th grade…”


(image/riff taken approximately at 17:15)

Joel: “… even the monster’s badly dubbed.”


(image/riff taken approximately at 59:09)

Servo: “He’d make a great can opener, look at that beak!”


317 - Viking Women and the Sea Serpent


(image/riff taken approximately at 33:33)

Crow: “It’s Olivia de Javelin!”


(image/riff taken approximately at 48:30)

Servo: “I am Inspector Clouseau…”


(image/riff taken approximately at 57:16)

Joel: “It’s actually Over the Top with Sly Stallone!”

318 - Star Force: Fugitive Alien II


(image/riff taken approximately at 29:05)

Crow: “Now hang up on your end! Hang up! I’m hanging up.”


(image/riff taken approximately at 51:02)

Crow: "You like my fort? Made it out of refrigerator boxes!


(image/riff taken approximately at 1:32:17)

Joel: “Look at that suit. What, is he gonna be in swing choir or something?”


319 - War of the Colossal Beast

(image/riff taken approximately at 50:32)

Servo: “Uh, you’ve looked better, Glenn.”


(image/riff taken approximately at 1:02:22)

Servo: “I gotta scratch my nose, for Pete’s sake!”


(image/riff taken approximately at 1:11:51)

Joel: “Hey, check out this blackhead, it’s as big as an Anjou pear!”


Ow, my head…

Fugitive Alien II!!!
I absolutely rolled on the floor when Tom’s head popped from the movie.

Edit: Im sorry, pls dont make me choose. It’s like a movie of 500 different cool images strung together


Episode 318 - Star Force: Fugitive Alien II @ 0h27m05s

“Oh I’m fine, just reflecting upon the Upanishads, young man.”

Tom Servo casually provides this response when one of the Star Force officers asks Captain Joe what the matter is upon discovering him to be in bad shape while their ship is overheating.

Everything about this riff is a 10/10 — when I see it I’m torn between laughing hysterically and wondering in amazement at how they thought of such a brilliant line as this one :joy:/:open_mouth:

Star Force: Fugitive Alien II


Viking Women - The Home Economics Story

Image at 25:10, riff a bit earlier… “5 pound potty? She had a big breakfast!” - Joel (made funnier because he’s trying not to laugh)

Gamera vs Zigra
1:04:05 - “Ahhh, ahhhh…” - “Porn on the radio, I don’t think it’s going to work” - Joel

39:18 - Helen complains that the aliens didn’t serve her a Coke… “What is it with her and the Coke?” - Joel.


adding another for the 5 pound potty - this image might be slightly sharper than the one posted previous (not by much, but a little)


wait, we never capped Mr B? Might be too late now, but I gotta post a few



22:57 - “It Stinks!” - Joel

I will say, now that we have access to the Gizmoplex and all those episodes, this is a lot easier, and we could probably upgrade some of our caps if you wanted us too.


Definitely crossed my mind! That, and using the Gizmoplex as a shared resource would make it easier to put us all on the same page time-code-wise.

There are some screengrabs I’ve made that I wouldn’t object to upgrading for the purposes of this project.


Yeah, I just did this cap to compare, and it’s clearer from the Gizmoplex, you get a little more definition.

I wouldn’t want to do them all over again, but there are a few I’d like another shot at.


I have definitely been using The Gizmoplex as my go-to when I need a screencap!

Though, I have to admit: I usually turn the sound down because if I starting hearing riffs, I’m going to think: “I need to hear the reaction”, “Let’s hear a couple more!”, “Oooh, there’s a good one coming up!”, “Alright, until the commercial!”, “Watch the upcoming Host Segment?” and/or “Might as well watch the rest!”

Granted, it’s a fine dilemma to have! :smiley:


That happened with Devil Doll, I kept laughing and laughing while capping, after a while I was like, “Just watch the episode”

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