Episodes 808-812: Share your screenshots and favorite riffs!


808 The She-Creature
809 I Was A Teenage Werewolf
810 The Giant Spider Invasion
811 Parts: The Clonus Horror
812 The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living And Became Mixed-Up Zombies

As a refresher:

You can submit one to three screenshots in comments on each post. Please keep your images at minimum 800px x 600px and 72 dpi. File type does not matter. YES, screenshots of host segments are welcome too!

If you’d ALSO like to throw in a favorite riff, choose one that’s relatively short. Remember to include the timestamp of where it happens in the episode. Ideally the riff should make sense when used in context with the screenshot(s) you’ve chosen. Riffs are optional, though, and if you’d rather just share screenshots, that is fine too.

All of this info will be collected and may be used in the Gizmoplex library! Your contributions are greatly appreciated, even if you can’t participate on every post. There’s zero pressure to do EVERY episode. Whatever you can do will help.


For everyone’s information… It looks like Werewolf and She-Creature aren’t officially streamed anywhere, but the other 3 are at tubi (which is what I use) and maybe pluto.tv (I saw Clonus there) - nothing official at YouTube that I could see

Giant Spider Invasion

15:56 - Dan in red

16:00 - “Ah he’s lactating” - Crow

1:05:44 - “There goes the last shred of dignity” - Crow

1:15:19 - Just before this shot we hear a “Packers won the Super Bowl!” - Crow / “Woo hoo Packers!” - Servo (I just love the way Bill delivers his line, his voice adds an extra punch to the joke)


Parts: The Clonus Horror

34:09 - “She really was on top of old smokey” - Crow

1:17:34 - “I just wet your car” - Servo

Entertaining the Space Children - 43:35


Incredibly Strange Creatures

18:33 - Get your tickets here!

32:47 - the gang have their fortunes read

1:06:53 - Your Shick out of shape? One of the funnier scenes in the ep, I especially like the dance choreography. :laughing: (edit - oops, need to shave a bit off the top of this screencap)


Parts: The Clonus Horror:

“HQ, my hat looks like a muffin. Over.” (Crow, 15:00)

“Now I get it! I don’t understand a thing!” (Mike, 49:49)

“Can’t smoke chocolate. I know that now.” (Crow, 01:16:21)


808 - The She-Creature


(image/riff taken approximately at 10:50)

Crow: “I married Aunt Bee!”


(image/riff taken approximately at 22:17)

Mike: “Guess the stain and win a prize!”


(image/riff taken approximately at 45:16)


809 - I Was a Teenage Werewolf


(image/riff taken approximately at 8:32)

Mike: “And the 35-year-old high school students look on…”


(image taken approximately at 27:38; riff taken approximately about a second or so later)

Mike: “When clowns mate…”


(image/riff taken approximately at 1:03:00)

Servo: “He just glued crepe hair to his football helmet!”

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810 - The Giant Spider Invasion


(image/riff taken approximately at 9:02)

Crow: “Professor made a toaster out of coconuts?”


(image/riff taken approximately at 34:36)

Servo: “Honey, MIT called.”


(image/riff taken approximately at 52:08)

Crow: “So, seen Leatherface around here lately?”

811 - Parts: The Clonus Horror


(image/riff taken approximately at 6:54)

Crow: “Biography!”


(image/riff taken approximately at 9:26)

Mike: “Hey! Joe Bob Briggs, track coach!”


(image/riff taken approximately at 1:21:37)

Mike: “Oh, shoot, Mom’s home!”


812 - The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies


(image taken approximately at 19:42; riff taken approximately at 19:38)

Crow: “He’s not a natural pole dancer, is he?”


(image/riff taken approximately at 39:11)

Mike: “Know what I’m lookin’ at right now? That exit sign!”


(image taken approximately at 51:50; riff taken approximately at 51:44)

Servo: “He later founded Rage Against the Machine.”


I Was A Teenage Werewolf

29:32 - “From now on anybody picks on you is going to have to fight me…”

“John Paul II” - Servo

17:39 - milk tossing

59:37 - “Oops, he’s Johnny Depping” - Crow



Correction, you can buy MSTs She-Creature at YouTube, but it blocks screengrabs for some reason (and you get the line at the bottom if you use the laptops standard snipping tool) - so I was stuck grabbing from a fan copy, on a very very dark movie.

The She-Creature - 22:09


Tickle Me Carlo Lombardi Doll (costume and chair from Beez, which is one she named as a favorite)


Some Ortega, from Strange Creatures





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