Episodes 813-817: Share your screenshots and favorite riffs!

And we’re back! You turkeys.

813 Jack Frost
814 Riding with Death
815 Agent for H.A.R.M
816 Prince Of Space
817 The Horror Of Party Beach

As a refresher:

You can submit one to three screenshots in comments on each post. Please keep your images at minimum 800px x 600px and 72 dpi. File type does not matter. YES, screenshots of host segments are welcome too!

If you’d ALSO like to throw in a favorite riff, choose one that’s relatively short. Remember to include the timestamp of where it happens in the episode. Ideally the riff should make sense when used in context with the screenshot(s) you’ve chosen. Riffs are optional, though, and if you’d rather just share screenshots, that is fine too.

All of this info will be collected and may be used in the Gizmoplex library! Your contributions are greatly appreciated, even if you can’t participate on every post. There’s zero pressure to do EVERY episode. Whatever you can do will help.


The Horror of Party Beach:

“Johnny Mathis and the Conan O’Briens.” (Mike, 15:30)

“Look at all the toenails! So many toenails!” (Mike, 48:30)

“Oh if only I wore a size six…” (Servo; riff at 56:00, shot at 55:54)


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My all-time favorite episode! :smiley:

813 - Jack Frost


(image taken approximately at 17:20; riff taken approximately at 16:40)

Mike: “I always pick that little guy off my pizza.”


(image taken approximately at 51:21; riff taken approximately at 1:10:28)

Servo: "Apparently there’s no Finnish word for ‘subtle.’ "


(image/riff taken approximately at 1:19:17)

Servo: “It’s…”
Mike: “It’s…”
Crow: “It’s… a convention of Michael Palin imitators!”


814 - Riding with Death


(image taken approximately at 53:09; riff taken about a second later)

Crow: “He had to wear his sister’s pants today.”


(image/riff taken approximately at 58:59)

Crow: “Well, it’s hardly worth it, but… boooooo.”


(image/riff taken approximately at 1:02:14)

Crow: “See? Crackers and hicks CAN get along.”

815 - Agent for H.A.R.M.


(image taken approximately at 42:31; riff taken approximately at 42:25)

Crow: “You should have taken the LITTLE RED CORVETTE


(image/riff taken approximately at 49:23; riff taken approximately at 49:16)

Mike: “It’s Pee-Wee’s grandfather, Winchester-Wee Herman!”


(image/riff taken approximately at 51:39)

Crow: “Yes, sir, we have the cardigan in ochre.”


816 - Prince of Space


(image/riff taken approximately at 9:14)

Servo: “Ba-kawk.”


(image/riff taken approximately at 20:55)

Servo: “Mom says I have to wear this in space because it’s cold.”


(image/riff taken approximately at 58:26)

Mike: “I’m gon’ mess you up…”

817 - The Horror of Party Beach


(image/riff taken approximately at 11:00)

Crow: “He died gargling.”


(image/riff taken approximately at 18:00)

Servo: “So, radiation has a sense of humor!”


(image/riff taken approximately at 23:38)

Crow: "MY SKULL!!! "


If you ask me: This group is the strongest stretch of episodes in the show’s run! A wide range of movies with fantastic riffing and incredible host segments. :smiley:


I agree these are the strongest episodes in the Sci-Fi run, though I think Jack Frost is wildly overrated compared to the earlier Russo-Finnish episodes.


Jack Frost is also my favorite experiment, and I can assure you, I’m not wildly overrating it. In fact, I could screencap the whole damned thing with fave riffs. But I’ll try not to overdo it (still, what I’ve grabbed comes from around the same section of film - I still need to do ones with Ivan and his bear head, Frost himself, step-sis – we’ve got the witch and the mushroom fairy, so that’s good)

21:00 - “Norman the loons, kill them!” - Servo

25:47 - “What a conniving face” - Servo

26:00 - “Father calls me, Nastenka” - “It means stump water” - Servo


1:32:01 (there’s a lot of funny quips around this scene)

27:33 (Servo’s riff, “I lost my hat!”)

28:14 - That leads to this scene and one my fave riffs, “Every time I meet a man he’s either gay or a bear” - Mike

1:27:13 - “A young Mike Nelson!” - Crow :rofl:


Oooh… that’s a tough one.

The next batch gives us Devil Doll, Space Mutiny, Time Chasers, and Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, which are all freaking amazing.

Granted, Invasion of the Neptune Men is there, too, and that drags down the average a skosh, but… yeah, this is an absolutely top-shelf cluster of episodes, all gems!

Heh, I’m way overly biased towards Jack Frost, but I’m curious and have to ask: which of the Russo-Finnish episodes would you champion more than the others?

Oh, excellent! Yeah, I love this one to pieces above the others, too. The tricky thing for me is avoiding watching this one too much so I don’t wear out the effectiveness of the jokes.

Same deal here. If there’s any episode where I could (and would want to) flood the reply section with screengrabs, this would be the one!


I’d have to pick The Day the Earth Froze. The whole episode is great, but Trace’s Bullwinkle impression while the boat is on fire slays me every time. And “Here Comes the Circus” is a great bonus.


I like Devil Doll and Overdrawn a lot, but I think Space Mutiny and Time Chasers are entirely mediocre episodes. I realize other people will disagree. I was baffled when those two first aired and the reaction online was through the roof. The sense I had at the time was that most of the people praising them hadn’t seen the Comedy Central seasons, though I know you have.


It’s a fine choice. They’re all fantastic episodes, although I’d have to put The Magic Voyage of Sinbad just slightly ahead of Froze. I have three of those as top ten episodes, while I’d put The Sword and the Dragon comfortably in the top 30, give or take.

That Circus short is a bit of amazing, too, especially with Joel admonishing the Bots for going too dark, while then proceeding to fly on the dark side himself.

I caught a smattering of the Comedy Central episodes at that time, with what was commercially available on Rhino Home Video and a few selections I caught via installments of the Mystery Science Theater Hour I recorded off TV (The Amazing Colossal Man, Space Travelers, The Giant Gila Monster, Teenagers from Outer Space, and Hercules Unchained).


I loved the Joel “That’s too dark” running gag from Here Comes The Circus running gag too, because the long-form punchline is so worth it. Joel’s shrugged shoulders response to getting called out gets me every time!


Agent For H.A.R.M.

13:36 - Judo Range

22:24 - Panties, panties, panties, panties, panties, panties!



Prince of Space

No disrespect intended, but reposting these 2 images in a different aspect ratio (forgive me)

One of the “Ha, Ha, your weapons are useless against me” shots

8:10 - We like it very much

44:21 - Mike as a robot


No disrespect taken, nothing to forgive here. It’s all good!


Horror of Party Beach

Singer - “What do you want to hear Elaine?”
Elaine - “How about, mmm…”
Crow - “Bop?”

54:54 - Look Polish

49:43 - “She’s got Dilbert’s bosses hair” - Mike


Riding With Death

1:13:19 - “I pooped my drawers!” - Crow

Agent For Harm - 1:21:19

1:19:05 - Jack Frost vs. Marfusha


Drug out the old, near dead, laptop and popped in my Riding With Death disc to get some more screengrabs for that episode.

1:06:14 - The elusive one…

1:07:57 - Turkey Volume Guessing Man!

41:08 - Abbey (whose quite a gal) Mike’s riff… “My Annie Green Springs!”

11:35 - turkey talk

59:09 - “So, Cupcake, is that Italian?” - Servo