Episodes 818-822: Share your screenshots and favorite riffs!

Who’s hungry for ham?

818 Devil Doll
819 Invasion Of The Neptune Men
820 Space Mutiny
821 Time Chasers
822 Overdrawn At The Memory Bank

As a refresher:

You can submit one to three screenshots in comments on each post. Please keep your images at minimum 800px x 600px and 72 dpi. File type does not matter. YES, screenshots of host segments are welcome too!

If you’d ALSO like to throw in a favorite riff, choose one that’s relatively short. Remember to include the timestamp of where it happens in the episode. Ideally the riff should make sense when used in context with the screenshot(s) you’ve chosen. Riffs are optional, though, and if you’d rather just share screenshots, that is fine too.

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Overdrawn at the Memory Bank:

“With this digital technology, the suckiness comes through with great clarity.” (Mike, 33:01)

“Mom… my nuts?” (35:39; unfortunate dialog from Aram Fingal)

“I’m fartin’ Monopoly cards!” (Servo, 01:14:06)


Devil Doll

Who is the real Hugo?


Random thought: The videotaped picture quality of Overdrawn at the Memory Bank is something else and gives this episode a true uniqueness!


818 - Devil Doll


(image/riff taken approximately at 8:27)

Servo: “Sold out? Must have run out of Cancelled stickers.”


(image/riff taken approximately at 17:24)

Mike: “He’s my father at a wedding…”


(image/riff taken approximately at 33:02)

Mike: “Hugo’s got a John Agar smile.”


819 - Invasion of the Neptune Men


(image/riff taken approximately at 13:07)

Servo: “Suppository Man!”


(image taken approximately at 17:35; riff taken approximately at 17:33)

Mike: “Hey, hey, don’t - don’t touch the car.”


(image/riff taken approximately at 37:34)

Mike: “Guys, come on, where’s my record?”

820 - Space Mutiny


(image/riff taken approximately at 13:46)

Mike: “Does that guy inflate his pants to attract mates?”


(image taken approximately at 36:25; riffs taken approximately at 36:27)

Servo: “Fridge Largemeat!”
Mike: “Punt Speedchunk!”
Crow: “Butch Deadlift!”


(image/riff taken approximately at 47:21)

Crow: “Uh, Mrs. Kringle and I have an understanding.


821 - Time Chasers


(image/riff taken approximately at 18:24)

Mike: “Hi, I’m Bob Evil!”


(image/riff taken approximately at 21:09)

Crow: “Did someone tape a dinner roll to his chin or…?”


(image/riff taken approximately at 55:16)

Eddie: “Drinking fuel straight from the tap!”

822 - Overdrawn at the Memory Bank


(image/riff taken approximately at 7:38)

Servo: “A.K.A. Gomez!”


(image/riff taken approximately at 11:57)

Servo: “Ask if she wears army boots.”


(image/riff taken approximately at 31:37)

Crow: “Hooray for socks.”


Agreed. So many things from the 70s & 80s filmed on video tape (especially BBC productions like Doctor Who) had this aesthetic that, while incredibly odd for the time, now feels almost nostalgic and most definitely unique.


821 Time Chasers

This one is just great. Really. For a low-budget film inspired by Back to the Future, it honestly does it very well, and the more I watch it, the more the early 90s vibe really just pulls me in. And of course, it’s smack dab in the middle of the greatest 3-episode run there’s ever been. That said, the entire episode’s host segments are one of the all-time bests, from seeing Mike in the past working at the cheese factory (with Patrick Branseg as his “Dude” co-worker), to seeing the dark alternate future of his brother Eddie replacing him on the SOL (Michael J. Nelson is playing three different characters, two a variation on the same…THAT is acting, my friend), and even the wonderful touching moment of Mike and Pearl bonding in the Widowmaker…this is arguably the best of the Sci-Fi era and stands shoulder-to-shoulder with any era of episodes. We even got two Crows, giving us a bit of Murder with our Mystery Science Theater (and while Bill Corbett may have been a bit shakey at the beginning…who wouldn’t be when succeeding the all-time great Trace Beaulieu…he’s without a doubt made Crow all his own by now). A great episode alone or in the 3-episode run (and my OCD demands that I watch the last three together in order).

  1. The Introduction of Eddie Nelson, Mike’s Brother

    “Hey! Did this little pencil-neck just say our reality sucked?!” (Eddie, 43:21)

  2. A Murder of Crows Preventing Young Mike’s Murder. Dude!

    “Hey Mike, this doesn’t concern you, okay?” (Crow 1, 1:08:09)

  3. Eddie Going Out for a Smoke and Drinks Due to Too Many 7s in a Date

    The sound of tops poppin’ and empty soldiers being tossed away (Eddie, 1:02:27 - 1:06:47)


822 Overdrawn at the Memory Bank

This one has become an absolute favorite. I used to watch the final three of season 8 back to back all the time thanks to sharing space on a tape, and even now I have to watch them in order every time. Despite the very low quality recording material and effects, Raul Julia’s unquestionable charm and talent shows through, and the story, while ridiculous, isn’t that hard to follow if you’re familair with The Matrix or Inception. Plus, there’s something to be said about a film partly produced by a public access station being watched by a show originating from a local tv station.

  1. The Raul-bix Cube

    “Guys, see I thought he was Puerto Rican…”
    “No, don’t say it…”
    “I didn’t know he was CUBE-an!”
    “Ugh…” (Tom, Mike 8:27)

  2. I Wonder If These Would Be Considered NFTs Now?

    “Doctor Who…the Hell Cares?” (Crow, 22:48)

  3. Now He’s Playing Around With Himself! WHOA!

    “Man, kids are tuning in right now to watch Barney…” (Mike, 48:07)


It’s an impossibly amazing three-episode run. Just one more argument for Season 8 being one of the show’s best seasons (if not THE best).


Invasion of the Neptune Men

13:48 - “So the aliens come and strangle little kids, thank you Japan” - Servo

18:14 - kids ask “Who are you mister” - “Yeah what’s your name” and Crow answers a little after this image… “How about inefectual chicken headed bachelor?”

1:09:05 - Bill as Krankor visits


820 Space Mutiny

There’s something about Space Mutiny, and it’s more than just the endlessly quotable names for David Ryder or Reb Brown’s “enthusiastic” performance (I thank the Spoony Experiment for showcasing his other works of the 80s…many of which could be future episodes). Reb Brown has been in numerous “discount” knock-offs of popular movie trends of the 80s, but this one is something special considering it used actual footage from Battlestar Galactica for all space scenes (ironic given Lucas took the show to court), and this is just absolutely such a fun episode. I really can’t say anything more about it. If there’s anyone that doesn’t enjoy any part of this episode, I’ve yet to meet them.

  1. The Money Shot (seriously, this should be the box cover for the Rhino VHS release)

  2. “Spider-Skank! Spider-Skank!” (Crow, 1:14:19)

  3. “Wow, It’s Like Nick & Nora Charles” (Tom, 34:50)

    This riff MAY be unintentionally ironic, as Reb Brown and Cissie Cameron have been married since 1979 and Reb agreed to do the film (which required traveling to South Africa) if his wife would play his love interest. Nepotism, perhaps (definitely not the only case of it in this film), but they actually do have really good chemistry together (look at some of the love interests in Brown’s other films around the time and they just don’t hold a candle).


Neptune Men

1:16:40 - “What!?” “What the…”

Later after its blown up…

“They took out the Hitler building, where’s everybody going to go to see Hitler memorabilia?” - Servo

“All the Hitler rides and games, the Hitler salt and pepper shakers!” - Crow

“That great restaurant, the Bunker, it’s gone you… grumble, grumble!” - Mike

15:23 - “Well, I checked, there’s no toilet paper downstairs either” - Mike

Time Chasers

1:19:30 - “He died as he lived, mud stained and splaying” - Crow


Time Chasers

1:25:15 - Observer chimes in

19:55 - Nick and Bob Evil

11:48 - “Two different plaids? Man, I’m a naked robot and even I know that’s a fashion no no” - Servo


The last three episodes of Season 8 are an exceptional group of episodes! Just looking at these screenshots are making me giggle! :smiley:

(818 and 819 have their moments for sure, but they are definitely “Bravery Tests”. At least 819 gives us the glorious return of Bill as Krankor!)


Space Mutiny

37:25 etc, these scenes are where they sing like Sting and notice the dead girl…

“Sir…” - “I think it’s very nice of you to give that dead woman another chance” - Crow

1:32:13 - “Me, take me away” - Crow


Space Mutiny

30:25 - “Come on skull, pop out of my skin!” - Servo

1:15:13 - “Man, chunk head just beefed” - Crow (after Ryder opens the gas line)

Later, after Dave lights a fire, Mike riffs… “And our brave hero roasts the disabled man”

Interesting, that they cast a martial artist as a man with a bum leg and a cane.

1:19:35 - And I too grabbed the money shot, to see if I could get a little sharper definition (again, not meaning to step on any toes or be disrespectful of the effort put in capturing these things)


Memory Bank

38:00 - around this time Crow quips (on the Peter Lorre imitator) … “What’s he trying to do, Jimmy Stewart, uh, James Cagney! No no no, wait, uh John Kenneth Galbraith, no no, Ram Dass, Terry Hulk Hogan maybe?”

1:03:11 - “Um, that’s poison oak on your naughty bits mam” - Crow



No toes stepped on here, friend! Repeat entries and sentiments mean we all love the same scene. And great capture!

No kidding?! Wow, talk about a waste of a fight scene!