Episodes 901-905: Share your screenshots and favorite riffs!

cool beans!

I have a few posts with 4 (Phantom Planet, Werewolf), I guess I should break those up as well? I could take those out and pop two into this post. But I’ve also broken the rule in past threads so I guess I’m just a rebel without a cause. :wink:

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This is such a fantastic group of episodes! (The Phantom Planet is rather dry at points, but it still has that very iconic “the good and the beautiful” sequence)

Kevin Murphy is so right when he describes Werewolf as a “Gift from God”! A true joy of an episode I never get tired of watching.

The Deadly Bees is one of my underrated favorites. It makes me wish they did more of these Parlor Mystery movies.


My favorite sequence in The Deadly Bees is towards the end where the movie just pauses for this lengthy recap montage (in the form of this exposition dump “rant” from Manfred).

The riffs get better as it goes on (“I decided not to narrate this part!”), but the clincher is the subtle chuckles and groans from Mike and The Bots when it gets to a scene we just saw minutes earlier! :laughing: :laughing: